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Rent a Cadillac with Edel & Stark luxury car rental

Hardly any other brand offers as much luxury, space and comfort at a relatively low price as Cadillac. The Cadillac Escalade as Sport, Premium or Platinum version offers everything an SUV heart desires. Rent a Cadillac Escalade in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Munich, Paris or Rome with Edel & Stark and be the boss on the road everywhere. Whether with a chauffeur or for self-driving, the Cadillac Escalade convinces with 7-8 seats, plenty of space for passengers and luggage, and various assistance programs.

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Cadillac Models for Rent

At the luxury car rental Edel & Stark you can rent the following models of Cadillac:

Rent Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

Although luxury SUVs are a well-known class of vehicles, Cadillac maintains its status as a premium manufacturer in this competitive market. The enormous, over-engineered,…

About Cadillac

Brand Cadillac and History

Cadillac is a US manufacturer of luxury vehicles for over 100 years and was founded in 1902. Today Cadillac belongs to General Motors and produces mainly luxury segment vehicles.

Over the years, Cadillac has tested and brought to the market many innovations and special designs. The first electric starter was introduced by Cadillac in 1912. Also the first V8 engine was built by Cadillac ready for the road in the 1920s. In terms of design, Cadillac made its mark on stars like Elvis Presley with his pink Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special of 1955 and later with the Cadillac DeVille and its huge wings at the rear.

In recent years, Cadillac has expanded its lineup to include SUVs and electric vehicles. The brand is also experimenting with new ownership models, such as its subscription service, which allows customers to drive different Cadillac models on a monthly basis.

FAQs about Cadillac

Are there any special requirements to rent a luxury car?

No. The procedure and required documents remain the same. Drivers should have a valid driver's license and a passport or identity card (ID).

What is fully comprehensive insurance?

If you choose comprehensive insurance, you are immediately covered for any damage caused to the car during a collision, regardless of who is at fault. You only have to cover the deductible.

Can anyone else drive the rental car besides me?

No, only the registered driver is allowed to drive the car. Contact our team to request an additional driver at no charge.

Verfügen Sie über ein 24/7-Do you have a 24/7 customer support team in case of emergency?für den Notfall?

Yes. We have a dedicated customer support team that works around the clock to handle your emergency requests.

What is the mileage limit? Should I be concerned about it?

The mileage limit is the discretionary number of miles covered in your rental car agreement. If you exceed it, you will be charged a minimum per mile fee.

How many seats does the Cadillac Escalade have and does it fit in common parking spaces?

The Cadillac Escalade has 7 seats in the Captain Seats version and 8 seats otherwise. It fits well in all standard parking spaces, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In Europe it could be rather tight in some inner city parkings.