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Investment with Edel & Stark

The Owners Passion Lounge OPAL, is the Edel & Stark Group's in-house financing solution in Switzerland, Germany, France and the United Arab Emirates and the ideal solution for investments in Swiss francs and euros.

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Investment products of the Edel & Stark Group

And this is how it works:

Investment size

Investment in Edel & Stark are possible from an amount of € 200'000.



Your investment is secured by the retention of title to the invested vehicle.



You invest in vehicles of the Edel & Stark Group in Switzerland, Germany or the United Arab Emirates. With your investment, Edel & Stark operates vehicles for rental over an agreed period of time. You receive an attractive interest rate depending on the investment solution, and additionally benefit as a new OPAL member from attractive discounts and advantages on all rental vehicles of the Edel & Stark Group.


Financial flexibility

Vehicle selection

Edel & Stark carefully selects the vehicle for investment so that their capital is secured and used profitably.



Edel & Stark offers various securities on the specific vehicles. Through these securities, you as an investor have almost 100% control over your capital.



Edel & Stark takes care of the maintenance of the vehicles, insurance, car rentals and at the end of the investment the sale and repayment to the investor.


Edel & Stark Group

Edel & Stark currently operates several 100% subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, France and the United Arab Emirates united under a Swiss holding company. Edel & Stark operates and trades for the most part its own fleets, is regionally active as a broker and cooperates worldwide with various long-term partners.

Edel & Stark convinces by a very high service quality and the necessary flexibility, which is very important to the customers. For this reason, about 25% of Edel & Stark customers are also regular customers. The luxury car rental market is highly fragmented and dominated by many providers who only offer brokerage services.

Further worldwide locations will be added in the next few years to complement Edel & Stark's portfolio.



Are you interested in an investment with Edel & Stark? Contact us at +41 62 295 15 15 or