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Luxury car rental in Italy with Edel & Stark

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Rent the following luxury car brands in Italy

The best way to rent a luxury car in Italy is with Edel & Stark, the luxury car rental company with many years of experience in this segment. In addition to super sports cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Bugatti, we also rent luxury sports cars from Aston Martin, Mercedes and Porsche, as well as off-road vehicles from Range Rover and luxury limousines from Bentley and Rolls-Royce, and many other brands and vehicle types.

Italy is a beautiful country in Southern Europe. Together with Greece, it is known as the cradle of western culture. Not surprisingly, it is also home to the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites and historic cities in the world. Travel the country in a luxury car from Edel & Stark and enjoy driving over the winding mountain passes and historic city centres of Italy. Enquire now to rent a luxury car in Italy.

Vehicle selection luxury cars for rent Italy

Our fleet in Italy

At luxury car rental Edel & Stark you can rent the following models in Italy:

Rent Aston Martin

Rent Aston Martin in Italy

James Bond has also been on the road in Italy, and you can rent a Bond-branded Aston Martin sports car through us and travel around beautiful Italy in it.



Rent Audi

Rent Audi in Italy

If you are taking a trip through Italy with the whole family, you should rent an Audi SUV or Audi estate from us.



Rent Bentley

Rent Bentley in Italy

Luxury is omnipresent in Italy with its richly decorated buildings and a luxury Bentley saloon is the ideal companion.



Rent BMW

Rent BMW in Italy

Enjoy the ride in a BMW SUV or BWM sedan, cars renowned for their superb craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.



Rent Bugatti

Rent Bugatti in Italy

Rent Cadillac

Rent Cadillac in Italy

With us you can also rent a super SUV, namely the Cadillac Escalade, a must for US car fans; request availability now.


Rent Ferrari

Rent Ferrari in Italy

Ferrari is probably the most famous Italian sports car manufacturer; with us you can even choose from different Ferrari models to rent.



Rent Ford

Rent Ford in Italy

Rent Jaguar

Rent Jaguar in Italy

Rent Lamborghini

Rent Lamborghini in Italy

If you're in Italy, what could be more natural than renting a super sports car from Lamborghini.



Rent Maserati

Rent Maserati in Italy

We also have various models for Maserati lovers to rent in Italy, with the Maserati SUV in our fleet as well as the sports cars.


Rent McLaren

Rent McLaren in Italy

It's fair to say about McLaren that there is no manufacturer that knows how to build Formula 1 into a road-going sports car so well; enquire now for Italy.


Rent Mercedes-Benz

Rent Mercedes Benz in Italy

Our Mercedes fleet is just as diverse as Italy, consisting of sports cars, convertibles, saloons, SUVs, SUVs and vans.


Rent Mini

Rent Mini in Italy

Rent Nissan

Rent Nissan in Italy

Rent Porsche

Rent Porsche in Italy

Variety is also offered by our Porsche models, where you can rent the classic sports car, but also, for example, the SUV Porsche Cayenne.


Rent Range Rover

Rent Range Rover in Italy

Especially if you are travelling in the Italian Alps, it is advisable to rent a luxurious off-road vehicle with four-wheel drive from Range Rover.



Rent Rolls Royce

Rent Rolls Royce in Italy

At Rolls-Royce we not only offer the classic luxury saloons for hire, but also, for example, the Rolls-Royce SUV with four-wheel drive.



Rent Tesla

Rent Tesla in Italy

Rent Volvo

Rent Volvo in Italy

Cities and sights

Italy can look back on a very long history, which has shaped the country up to the present day. The culture as well as the buildings are marked by the Renaissance, the Baroque and the Classicism and make up the image of Italy. Italy also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. Italian cuisine has something for everyone and is characterised by Mediterranean flavours and fresh ingredients. The romantic restaurants on the coast and in the lively cities invite you to linger and make the culinary experience complete.  

Those interested in architecture or art will not miss out in Italy either. It is not for nothing that the Tuscan capital Florence has the highest concentration of recognised works of art in the world. But a trip to the capital or Venice is also worthwhile, because Italy clearly lives up to its nickname Bel Paese (beautiful country).  

No matter where you are planning a trip in Italy, Edel & Stark has the right vehicle for you. Rent a car from Edel & Stark in Bologna, Florence, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Turin, Venice or Val Gardena.

Landscape and roads

Vehicle selection luxury cars for rent Italy

Besides the historic cities, Italy also has a lot to offer in terms of scenery. The country is characterised by a mild climate, which is why the entire landscape benefits from a diverse flora. There are gorgeous stretches of coastline, but also beautiful agricultural areas, such as in Tuscany. There you will find countless vineyards and lavender fields, which make the landscape appear unique.  

If you like it rough, you will also get your money's worth in Italy, because you will also find wild mountains there, such as the Dolomites, which create a beautiful picture with their rosy granite rocks and peaks covered with wild flowers in summer.  

And by the way: BBC's Top Gear voted the Stelvio Pass (Stilfser Joch) in northern Italy as the best pass road in Europe. Enquire now for the Tob Gear Tour by Edel & Stark.


Rent your suitable luxury car in Italy now

FAQs about Italy

Are there any special requirements to rent a luxury car?

No. The procedure and required documents remain the same. Drivers should be in possession of a valid driving licence and a passport or identity card (ID).


What is fully comprehensive insurance?

If you opt for fully comprehensive insurance, you are immediately covered for all damage caused to the car during a collision, regardless of who is at fault. You only have to cover the excess.


Can anyone else drive the rental car besides me?

No, only the registered driver is allowed to drive the car. Contact our team to request an additional driver. However, this is free of charge.


Do you have a 24/7 customer support team in case of emergency?

Yes. We have a dedicated customer care team that works 24/7 to handle your emergency requests.


What is the mileage limit? Should I be concerned about this?

The mileage limit is the number of kilometres covered in your car rental contract. However, if you exceed this, you will be charged a minimum fee per km.