Long Term Car Rental Switzerland: Sportcar, Limousine and SUV
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Long Term Car Rental Switzerland: Sportcar, Limousine and SUV

We offer luxury car long term rental in Switzerland if you need a high quality car for a long time with flexible terms, including sedans, sports cars, e-cars and SUVs.

Edel & Stark Group has a wide fleet of luxury cars of many different brands, for example Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Bentley, as well as electric cars of various brands. The cars are delivered to any location in Switzerland, which allows for flexible and uncomplicated booking.

Book your desired car for long term rental in Switzerland today. The process is straightforward and unlike a leasing contract, long-term rental is done without a credit check.

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Advantages of long-term rental

The advantages of luxury car long term rental in Germany are similar in many ways to car subscription:

24/7 Support

We are always there for you during the entire booking period, especially in case of car breakdown or other incidents. In addition, if necessary, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle.


Long term rental without credit check in Switzerland

Unlike a lease, our long-term rental does not involve a credit check.


Monthly cleaning service

If you book our comprehensive and practical cleaning service for your long-term rental car in addition, the Edel & Stark Group will carry out a complete cleaning of the vehicle on site; you decide where exactly in Switzerland we should come for the cleaning.


Financial flexibility

The financial resources that you would have needed to buy a vehicle can be used elsewhere with the long-term rental - as with the car subscription, by the way.


Less effort than buying a car

You do not have to worry about the vehicle, insurance or vehicle tax with the long-term rental - as with the car subscription.


Vehicle change possible

If you do not like your rental car, you are very welcome to replace it with another car of your choice at any time for an additional charge.


Cost control

Many car owners do not know exactly how high the actual - especially running - costs are when they buy and use a car. With long-term rental - as with a car subscription - the costs incurred are transparent, which gives you better cost control.


Difference long term rental and car subscription

Both long term car rental and car subscription are about renting a car for a longer period of time.

Long-term rental is usually referred to when the rental period lasts several weeks, months or even years. As with a short-term rental, the car itself is rented to the customer and does not become his property.

The car subscription also functions as a car rental, but differs in part from the long-term rental, depending on the design, in that there is a minimum contract period, which can be six months, for example. The biggest difference between a car subscription and a long-term rental is often that with the latter, the duration of the rental period is determined before the contract begins. With the car subscription, on the other hand, there is sometimes only the minimum contract period and then a flexible rental period, which is automatically extended by certain periods if the contract is not terminated at certain times.

However, since every car subscription can be structured differently, you should read through exactly what is regulated. The same applies, of course, to long-term car leases

We will be happy to provide you with a quote for your desired vehicle, or you can tell us your budget and we will make you a suitable proposal. Just give us a call or send us an email to schweiz@edelstark.com so that we can make you a personal and customized offer.