Long Term Car Rental United Arab Emirates: Sportcar, Limousine and SUV
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Long Term Car Rental United Arab Emirates: Sportcar, Limousine and SUV

Also in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) we offer long-term car rental, such as luxury cars from BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Tesla, Mercedes, but also cars or passenger cars from other luxury car brands.

Edel & Stark Group has a wide fleet of luxury cars for long term rental in the UAE - including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah - of various types of vehicles such as sports cars, convertibles, sedans, SUVs, and vans.

Our service includes delivery of the long term rental cars to any location in the UAE. Enjoy this flexible and hassle-free booking. Unlike the leasing contract, the rental period is flexible - from one month to several years. And by the way, the long-term rental is done without any credit check. We will introduce you to various important aspects of a long-term car rental and show you how leasing and long-term rental differ.

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Advantages of long-term rental

Long-term luxury car rental in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has several advantages, as you can see below (there are also similarities to car subscription):

24/7 Support

Whether it's a car breakdown or any other incident, we are always there for you. If necessary, you will receive a replacement vehicle from us.


Long term rental without credit check in UAE

There is no credit check for long term rental.


Monthly cleaning service

As an additional service, you can book our cleaning service as part of the long-term rental. If you choose to do so, a complete cleaning of your long-term rental vehicle will be done on the spot, at any location in the UAE.


Financial flexibility

You can use the capital you save on the purchase of a car through long-term rental for other purposes.


Less effort than buying a car

Sie müssen sich bei der Langzeitmiete - wie beim Auto Abo - weder um das Fahrzeug einlösen noch die Versicherung noch die Fahrzeugsteuer kümmern.


Vehicle exchange possible

If you do not like your rental car, you can have it exchanged for an additional charge.


Cost control

With long-term rental - as with car subscription - you have an overview of the costs, whereas many people do not have an overview of the running costs in particular when buying a car.


Difference long term rental and car subscription

Both long term car rental and car subscription involve renting a car for a longer period of time.

Long-term rental is usually referred to when the rental period lasts several weeks, months or even years. As with a short-term rental, the car itself is rented to the customer and does not become his property.

The car subscription also functions as a car rental, but differs in part from the long-term rental, depending on the design, in that there is a minimum contract period, which can be six months, for example. The biggest difference between a car subscription and a long-term rental is often that with the latter, the duration of the rental period is determined before the contract begins. With the car subscription, on the other hand, there is sometimes only the minimum contract period and then a flexible rental period, which is automatically extended by certain periods if the contract is not terminated at certain times.

However, since every car subscription can be structured differently, you should read through exactly what is regulated. The same applies, of course, to long-term car leases

Are you interested in a long term rental in the United Arab Emirates, then simply call us at +971 54 394 66 61 or send us an email to uae@edelstark.com. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized offer.