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Sports Car Tours in Italy

You want to make a sports car tour through Italy, then take a look at our road trip Italy tips. We have compiled several road trip tours that you can do in a rented luxury sports car or even in your own luxury car. Of course, you can also do the respective tour in a convertible, SUV, off-road vehicle or for instance a luxury sedan.

Sports Car Tours in Italy

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Sportscar Tour «Amalfi Coast» - Roadtrip Amalfitana

Take a car tour on the legendary "Amalfi Coast" in Italy on the Amalfitana, the local coastal road SS 163 (Strada Statale 163). The Amalfitana begins in Meta di Sorrento - about 45 kilometers from Naples - and ends in Vietri sul Mare, a small municipality just outside Salerno. Since the Amalfitana road is very narrow in places, a small narrow sports car is recommended for the tour.


It is true that you can cover the route of the Amalfitana in about two hours. But there are many beautiful places along the way that invite you to stay, so we recommend the following route with stops:

1. Part: Meta di Sorrento - Positano

The first stage starts in Meta di Sorrento and leads to the dreamlike cliff town of Positano - formerly a small fishing village. The town is located on a bay of the Amalfi Coast and has an inviting pebble beach. The houses in Positano stretch steeply up the cliffs and are painted in picturesque colors.

2. Part: Positano - Grotta dello Smeraldo

The second stage goes from Positano to the Grotta dello Smeraldo (the Emerald Grotto). This is a cave that contains seawater, some of which appears emerald green, others brilliant blue. From the parking lot there is an elevator to the level where visitors can ride in boats through the grotto.

3. Part: Grotta dello Smeraldo - Amalfi

The third stage continues from the Emerald Grotto to Amalfi. The picturesque houses of Amalfi also stretch up the rocky coast. You can relax on the town beach Marina Grande, which is made of gravel. A particularly imposing building in Amalfi is the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea, which dates back to the 10th century.

4. Part: Amalfi - Vietri sul Mare

The fourth and last part leads from Amalfi to the small town of Vietri sul Mare, where the Amalfitana tour ends.


You can find the most important data about the "Amalfi Coast" car tour here:

  • Start: Meta di Sorrento
  • End: Vietri sul Mare 
  • Route: approx. 50 kilometres 
  • Duration: approx 2 hours pure driving pleasure

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Sportscar Tour «Tuscany-Roundtrip»

On the "Tuscany-Roundtrip" you can get to know many great highlights in Tuscany in one day on a road trip in a sports car or in another luxury car. We have compiled the most important stages.


The Tuscany Tour starts in Florence and ends in Florence, so it is a round trip.

1. Part: Florence - Pisa

The first stage goes from the capital of Tuscany Florence to the city of Pisa, where the world-famous leaning tower is located. This first stretch is about 100 kilometers long.

2. Part: Pisa - Livorno

From Pisa, the journey continues to Livorno, a picturesque port city on the Italian Mediterranean about 30 kilometers away.

3. Part: Livorno - Cecina - San Gimignano

We then continue - partly also on the coastal road - via the town of Cecina to San Gimignano, also known as the city of towers, about 110 kilometers away. In this small town, which has a medieval city center, there are still a total of 15 so-called family towers that reach far into the sky. These towers served residential and defensive purposes of wealthy families.

4. Part: San Gimignano - Siena

From San Gimignano, it's a 40-minute drive to the city of Siena, whose historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Particularly impressive is, for example, the Palazzo Pubblico, a government building from the 13th century with a 102 meter high tower.

5. Part: Siena - Florence

And finally, on the final leg back to Florence from Siena, you'll ride through the heart of the Chianti wine region.


Below you can read the decisive data on the "Tuscany car tour" summarized:

  • Start: Florence
  • End: Florence
  • Route: approx. 350 kilometres
  • Duration: approx. 6 hours pure driving pleasure

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