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Sports Car Tours in Germany

You want to explore Germany in your luxury car sports car tour. We have compiled some of the most beautiful car tours through Germany for you below. 

So you have the opportunity to use our road trip suggestions. For this purpose, we have pre-planned every little step for you. Thus, a cornucopia of ideas and suggestions for your trip is available, so that you do not miss anything on your road trip along the way.

Sportscar Tours in Germany

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Sportscar Tour Munich - Prague - Munich

Two days, two nations on the Munich - Prague - Munich sports car tour. Enjoy cultural and culinary highlights on this short but intense road trip in a luxury sports car.

1. Part: Munich- Deggendorf

The first part of the sportscar tour Munich - Prague - Munich gets you in the mood for the power and speed of your vehicle. Just under 150 kilometers on the highway call for a warming-up. From Munich to Deggendorf, the smooth roads are pure driving pleasure. Time to put your hands firmly around the steering wheel, familiarize yourself with your dream car, be it a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche, and enjoy the feeling of the vehicle's technical possibilities.

2. Part: Deggendorf - Bavarian Forest

Now the Bavarian Forest welcomes you. As far as cultural variety is concerned, it can claim a top spot with its castles, churches and glass-blowing factories. You can also enjoy the spectacular, colorful diversity of the landscape. Take pleasure in the homely silence here, interrupted only by the purr and rumble of your vehicle. Delight in the sound of the engines and "re-experience" centrifugal force in the curves with your skills.


3. Part: Bavarian Forest - Prague - Munich

After refreshments for body and soul, you will then set off from the Bavarian Forest for about 100 kilometers on the new highway in the direction of the interim tour destination of Prague. In the evening, you will enjoy the cultural and culinary offerings of the "Golden City" before returning to the Bavarian capital via the highway the next day.


Here are the most important dates for the two-day sports car tour Munich-Prague-Munich: 

  • Start: Munich
  • Interim Destination: Prague
  • End: Munich
  • Duration: 480 kilometers of highway (speed section), 380 kilometers of country road (demanding, partly curvy sections)

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Mozart meets Königsalle: Sportscar Tour Salzburg - Düsseldorf

Come with Edel & Stark on an exciting and challenging sports car tour from Austria across Germany, specifically from Salzburg to Düsseldorf; according to the motto: Mozart meets Königsallee (the King's Avenue, a popular urban boulevard in Düsseldorf). This sports car tour is designed for 5 days and at the respective stages we have partly selected alternative routes.


Day 1: Salzburg - Munich

Route: 265 kilometers of country road (demanding, partly winding routes) and 100 kilometers of highway (speed route)

Allow your luxury vehicle from Edel & Stark take you first along the northern edge of the Alps, past deep blue mountain lakes and majestic mountain massifs. You will enjoy driving fun and impressive scenery on this sports car tour right from the start. For example, the spectacular pre-Alpine and high mountain landscape, numerous bridges and viaducts, tunnels and mountain passes, tight curves and endless serpentines.

This means that you will also be challenged in terms of driving. In addition to the silence of the mountains, listen to the sound of your high-powered vehicle, which comes into its own in the numerous tunnels. On difficult routes you will experience highly active driving paired with impressive cultural experiences. For the most part, the route runs in the high mountains, but repeatedly steps out into the hilly foothills of the Alps. From the shores of the Bavarian lakes you can then enjoy the magnificent view of the mountain panorama of the Alps.

Day 2: Munich- Würzburg

Route: 205 kilometers of country road (slightly winding, some narrow streets in the cities) and 100 kilometers of highway (speed route). Alternative route: Drive through from Munich to Würzburg and enjoy wellness and shopping in Würzburg.

On the romantic road to the Middle Ages: On this section, romance and driving pleasure harmonize particularly perfectly. Over a distance of 350 kilometers, the route connects proud imperial cities, magnificent princely residences, baroque treasures and idyllic landscapes. Driving here means "experiencing" history. An entire millennium is reflected in the cities, in the monuments and art treasures - after just a short drive, the colorful round dance begins. Driving fun is also not neglected here on narrow, winding roads through this region steeped in history.

Day 3: Würzburg - Eltville

Route: 235 kilometers of country roads (very demanding, partly winding roads)

On the drive via Heidelberg to Eltville you touch the primeval myth of German history, the Nibelungen and Siegfried send their regards. Drive your dream car further along the western edge of the Odenwald. Cozy, romantic half-timbered houses and medieval-looking towns with their winding alleys and defiant castles invite you to take a break. In addition, discover an old Roman trade route along the Rhine ditch, which challenges both your driving skills and your eyes.

Day 4: Eltville - Königswinter

195 kilometers of country road (demanding, partly steep and winding). Alternative route: 130 kilometers of country road and 110 kilometers of highway (combination of speed route and challenging, winding route).

Mosel Wine Route and Rheingau Riesling Route beckon. The much-sung "most German of all rivers," the Rhine, certainly counts as a must-see on a tour of Germany. But the same is true of the Moselle, which flows into the Rhine at the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz. Both wind through imposing valleys lined with castles and steep vineyards. Again and again you pass through picturesque wine villages. At 1320 kilometers, the Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe and also one of the most important waterways on the continent. On your trip, experience the Middle Rhine Valley, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002, a tribute to the scenic beauty of the area. The picture is dominated by grapevines. Riesling grapes thrive on the slate slopes, some of which are more than 50 degrees steep. Your challenging route continues to the romantic town of Königswinter, whose golden book records signatures of prominent state guests such as Queen Elizabeth II of England, the Shah of Persia and many other heads of state.

Day 5: Königswinter - Düsseldorf

Route: 120 kilometers mainly highway (speed route)

Store and enjoy high speed on the last leg of this road trip through Germany. This last stage holds many surprises for you. Once again, you'll step on the gas, feel the explosive propulsion and let your vehicle power along the German autobahn without any speed limit. But not only the drive to Düsseldorf will intoxicate you, also our individual surprise program there will leave an impression. The Königsallee in Düsseldorf, for example, is one of the most famous shopping miles in Germany. It stands for a highly sophisticated lifestyle, all the renowned luxury boutiques can be found there. We do not promise you too much for the last day of the tour. A feast for the eyes and ears paired with breathtaking tingling in the pit of your stomach awaits.


Here are the details of the 5-day "Mozart meets Königsallee: Sportscar tour Salzburg - Düsseldorf"

  • Start: Salzburg
  • End: Düsseldorf
  • Route: approx. 900 kilometers of country roads (with challenging, winding stages and narrow streets) and about 320 kilometers of highway (speedway)
  • Duration: 5 Days

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Culture Pure: Road Trip in the Bavarian Upper Palatinate

Experience and explore the unspoiled Bavarian Forest and the beautiful Upper Palatinate on the Bavarian Upper Palatinate Road Trip - either with a classic car or a sporty speedster.


First of all, you choose a super-class vehicle from the sophisticated, luxurious Edel & Stark fleet for this car tour through Germany. Whether it's a classic car (you're also welcome to start the tour with your own favorite piece) or a sporty runabout - it's easy for a little flirtation to grow into true love over the course of the trip.

1. Part: Regensburg - Danube River

The tour starts in Regensburg, the center of the Upper Palatinate. Since 2006, the old town, which is well worth seeing, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let yourself be impressed here by the medieval architecture of the monumental Stone Bridge or the sky-towering Gothic Cathedral.  The next day it's off - with your dream car you drive along the beautiful blue Danube and right into the Bavarian Forest. Magnificent churches and monasteries, defiant castles and the picturesque villages typical of the region flit by.

2. Part: Danube River - Bavarian Forest

On the tour you will get to know an old wood carving workshop and visit a game preserve, which will bring you closer to the local wildlife. You will taste the delicious products of a bear root distillery typical for the Bavarian Forest. And you will admire at first hand the filigree products of the glassworks typical for the region. A museum village brings the good old days back to life. You walk on a treetop path in airy heights. And you will experience something surprising: the Bavarian "Wild West"!

3. Part: The highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest: the Arber

Curvy country roads on site continuously challenge your driving skills during the 4-day tour, as it goes uphill and downhill through the rugged landscape. Gas pedal and brakes have good work to do. Even the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest - the Arber with over 1000 m height - has to be conquered.  Of course, you will be accommodated in the region's top hotels during the tour. You can expect multi-course gourmet menus, alternating between light delicacies and hearty Bavarian delicacies. The return trip to Regensburg concludes an impressive, unforgettable journey.


And here is the most important information about the route of the Upper Palatinate sportscar tour:

  • Start: Regensburg
  • End: Regensburg
  • Route: approx. 550 kilometers of country road
  • Duration: 4 Days

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Golf-Sportscar Tour: North Germany

On the golf sportscar tours "designed by Edel & Stark", golfers' happiness on lush greens, driver's delight and the intoxication of speed await you.


You know that Golf stands not only for sport, but uncompromisingly for lifestyle and attitude to life - the same applies to our luxury cars. You are spoiled for choice: Germany's North or South Tours are both available with Edel & Stark. Don't make it too difficult for yourself, it's best to get to know both variants.

1. Part North Tour: Lüneburg - Green Eagle Golf Course

You start with your luxury vehicle from Edel & Stark near the old salt city of Lüneburg. Here you start alternately playing on the most popular golf courses in Germany. First of all on the Green Eagle Golf Course, the longest golf course in Germany. Of course you will be accommodated in the most dignified ambience and wherever possible directly at the golf course.

2. Part North Tour: Hanover - Golf Club Hardenberg

Your journey from golf highlight to golf highlight continues. You drive via Hanover to the Lower Saxony Course: the Golf Club Hardenberg.

3. Part North Tour: Berlin - Arnold Palmer / Nick Faldo Golf Course

Then it's full throttle across the republic in the direction of Hanover. The destination is in the greater Berlin area. Challenging road sections alternate with speed stretches "off limits" on the "German Autobahn".  You will get to know a course designed by golf legend Arnold Palmer, a must for golfers. And you tee off on the only golf course in Germany styled by Nick Faldo. What more desires a Golfer's heart?


Here are the key dates for the Golf Sport Car Tour North Germany:

  • Start: Lüneburg
  • End: Berlin
  • Route: approx 670 kilometres 
  • Duration: approx 8 hours pure driving pleasure
  • Golf Courses: Green Eagle Golf Courses, Golf Club Hardenberg, Arnold Palmer Golf Course, Nick Faldo Golf Course

Golf-Sportscar Tour: South Germany

Unter dem Motto 'Königlich Fahren, fürstlich Wohnen und kaiserlich Golfen’ erleben Sie unvergessliche Impressionen.


Here are the stages of the golf tour in the south of Germany, with the best golf courses you can play.

1. Part: Stuttgart - Golf Course Sonnenalp

The south of Germany also attracts pilots, golf freaks and gourmets with its charms. Starting in the west of the republic, the golf road trip south course takes you across the center of Germany to the south, near the border with Liechtenstein. The first golf stop is the Sonnenalp golf course.

2. Part: Munich - Golf Resort Bad Griesbach

Now it goes over the middle of Germany in the direction of Bavaria. Lovely landscapes and charming regions let you fly by with confidence and horsepower, and sometimes you even linger. The fast-paced journey is interrupted by the daily golf highlight. So you golf exclusively on handpicked top courses. You tee off on top courses in the alpine panorama. You visit the largest golf school in the world and golf at Europe's largest golf and spa resort in eastern Bavaria, at Golf Resort Bad Griesbach.

3. Part: Nuremberg - Stuttgart

Finally, enjoy a top 5 course in beautiful Franconia, such as the Golfsclub am Reichswald. You'll stay in top star hotels and more, and dine in Michelin-starred restaurants.


Here are the key details for the Golf Sportscar Tour South Germany:

  • Start: Stuttgart
  • End: Stuttgart
  • Route: approx. 1,000 kilometres
  • Duration: approx. 12 hours pure driving pleasure
  • Golf Courses: Golf Course Sonnenalp, Golf Resort Bad Griesbach, Golfclub at Reichswald

Visit our large selection of luxury cars for rent for our golf experience car tours in Germany. We will be happy to inform you in detail about dates, locations and individual design options.

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