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Sports Car Tours in Switzerland

In Switzerland, sports car tours await you, where you can use the gas pedal on the sports car and the brakes equally during fast-paced drives over the winding passes and through deep valleys. With us you can also book car tours including sports car, hotel, certain meals and optional guide or road book to start an unforgettable road trip through Switzerland. In the following article we have compiled three sports car tours.

Sports car tours Switzerland

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Jewels of Switzerland car tour

Experience a wonderful road trip in a sports car along the Swiss lakes. The "Jewels of Switzerland Car Tour" takes you on a drive along numerous sparkling waters, because it is not for nothing that Switzerland is also called the water castle of Europe. Request now for your personal "Jewels of Switzerland Car Tour" .

This two-day sports car tour combines pretty lake landscapes with panoramic drives in a luxury car of your choice. High class hospitality and gourmet cuisine are important parts of the tour and take care of your physical well-being. Your soul will be delighted thanks to the panoramic views and exhilarating rides. Choose a sports car from our fleet, be it a Ferrari F8 Spider, a Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, a Bentley GTC or any other luxury car and enjoy the "Jewels of Switzerland Car Tour" by Edel & Stark.

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The "Jewels of Switzerland Car Tour" starts in Geneva, where you take over your chosen luxury car. The road trip is also perfectly suitable for less experienced sports car drivers: Edel & Stark's experienced staff will be happy to explain how to operate your vehicle.

1st day of the road trip

You will start the day right away with the first jewel of the car tour: the famous Lake Geneva. It offers a leisurely drive along the shore and along magnificent villas of diplomats and celebrities. Next, you'll reach Lac de Joux via the Col de Marchairuz mountain pass. The valley beyond is home to famous Swiss watchmakers and therefore definitely worth a visit. After leaving the valley, a drive on the highway to Vallorbe brings you to the next lake: Lake Neuchâtel, second largest lake in Switzerland. The impressive view and the beautiful promenade are ideal for a walk. The last lake of the day is Lake Murten. Bathed in the last rays of the day's sun, it exudes a romantic atmosphere that makes pretty pictures to end the full day.

2nd day of the road trip

After a night in an exclusive five-star hotel in Bern, the capital of Switzerland, and a delicious breakfast, the next day brings more driving fun. You will drive to Emmental, where the eponymous Emmental cheese originates as one of the most famous Swiss cheeses. Watch there how the famous holes come into the cheese. After that, a challenging route will take you through the hills and valleys of Emmental before you finally arrive at Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland. This is one of the most famous lakes in Switzerland. It offers a variety of viewpoints and mountains around the shore. The city of Lucerne is a tourist highlight in itself. You will celebrate the end of the "Jewels of Switzerland Car Tour" with a champagne over the roofs of Lucerne.


You will spend a night at the exquisite Hotel Schweizerhof in Bern. This hotel offers classic 5-star service coupled with traditional Swiss hospitality. The Hotel Schweizerhof Bern is centrally located, making it the perfect base for an evening exploring the Swiss capital.

Between Glamour & Tradition Sports Car Tour

Experience Switzerland on a road trip by sports car traditional and glamorous at the same time. The "Between Glamour & Tradition Sports Car Tour" combines the rustic cultural heritage of Switzerland with the equally famous luxury hotel industry and gourmet gastronomy of the Alpine country. Explore the most beautiful sides of Switzerland in a sports car! Inquire now for the "Between Glamour & Tradition Sports Car Tour".

The three-day "Between Glamour & Tradition Sports Car Tour" takes you over some of the most beautiful pass roads in Switzerland in a luxury car of your choice. Enjoy traditional Swiss dishes and let yourself be spoiled by our world-famous hospitality. Mighty mountain ranges and sparkling mountain lakes dominate the panorama during the tour, transporting you to a fairytale setting. Your faithful companion during the tour is either a Ferrari F8, a Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, a Bentley GTC or another luxury car from our fleet. Enjoy the "Between Glamour & Tradition Sports Car Tour" by Edel & Stark.

Inquire now for the "Between Glamour & Tradition Sports Car Tour".


1st day of the car tour

A personal introduction to your sports car ideally prepares you for the driving pleasure that follows. After you have familiarized yourself with the vehicle, the car tour begins with a leisurely drive through the Rhine Valley to Davos. In Klosters you will enjoy a rustic lunch and prepare for the afternoon. Then the first challenging pass drive over the Flüela Pass awaits you, on the way to the picturesque Engadine. The first day ends in glamorous St. Moritz, where a top-class hotel and a gourmet dinner round off the evening.

2nd day of the car tour

The second day begins eventfully: A racy ride over the Julier Pass brings a lot of driving fun and delights with impressive mountain landscapes. During the lunch break, local specialties are again on the menu. The next highlight follows immediately: the Oberalp and Furka passes. The subsequent ascent to Zermatt is twice as much fun! There, an award-winning hotel with a direct view of the Matterhorn will sweeten your stay.

3rd day of the car tour

Finish the tour with a rich breakfast buffet. We will gladly book you additional vacation days at the hotel or an extension of the luxury car rental. We are also happy to deliver various other models comfortably to the hotel.


On the "Between Glamour & Tradition Sports Car Tour" you will stay once in glamorous St. Moritz and once in noble Zermatt. Both hotels are on the highest 5-star level. In St. Moritz you will stay at the Badrutt's Palace Hotel and in Zermatt at the CERVO Mountain Resort.

Connoisseur Sportscar Tour

In advance, you choose your dream car at Edel & Stark to become one with it right from the start. Breguet and Audemars Piquet are just a few of the world-famous luxury watchmakers who demonstrate their expert craftsmanship in their manufactories in the Vallée du Joux. Even Napoléon Bonaparte and George IV, King of Great Britain, were inspired by the beauty of Jura watchmaking. On your road trip, you will have the unique opportunity to be present at the creation of one of these masterpieces and to experience a guided tour through its history.


Day 1:

You will leave the region around Bern in the direction of Western Switzerland and Vallée du Joux, the international center of the watch industry. After a winding pass over the Marchairuz, where you can really use the gas pedal and brake of your sports car, you will reach Lake Geneva and finally Montreux, where you will spend the night. Let the refined arts of the star chef Etienne Krebs sweeten your day and enjoy the tranquility and the interplay of mountain and lake on the north shore of Lake Geneva.

Day 2:

Look forward to an exciting and energetic tour via Gstaad to Zurich on the next day of the car tour through Switzerland. You will leave Montreux in the direction of the Rhone Valley and drive over the breathtaking mountain route of the Col de Mosses to Gstaad, where celebrities and VIPs spend their vacations. In Gstaad, the Chesery kitchen brigade will tempt your palate with traditional dishes of the highest standard and you will be well prepared to tackle the second part of the tour. Mountain roads lead you through the Simmental valley via Interlaken to Lucerne and finally over the Hirzel to Lake Zurich. Now you drive your sports car onto a ferry and cross Lake Zurich from Horgen to Meilen in a fresh lake breeze. Along the shore of the crystal-clear lake, you will drive past stately villas to a top-class hotel in the vibrant city of Zurich. During a final dinner in the restaurant Oepfelchammere you will experience the rustic and traditional side of Zurich. Afterwards, let the evening fade away in one of the numerous clubs in Zurich. Of course you will be chauffeured there by us.

Day 3:

On the following day, it is up to you whether you would like to learn more about the history of Zurich on a guided city tour or whether we may accompany you shopping through Zurich's sparkling Bahnhofstrasse. For the latter, we can also arrange a private shopping assistant for you.


  • Start: Bern
  • End: Zurich
  • Route: 530 kilometers of country roads and highway sections with high-speed options
  • Duration: approx. 8 hours pure driving pleasure