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Luxury car rental in Berlin with Edel & Stark

Renting a luxury car in Berlin, the trendy capital of Germany, is easy with Edel & Stark Luxury Car Rental. Drive along the famous Kurfürstendamm in a Rolls Royce or rent a super sports car like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren, and cruise on the highway towards Leipzig. In addition, we offer a variety of luxury cars, such as Bentley, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover, Porsche, Audi and many other high-quality brands. Inquire now about the availability of your dream car in Berlin at Edel & Stark Luxury Car Rental.


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Rent these car brands in Berlin

Here you will find a list of brands of luxury cars for rent in Berlin. Among them you will find sports cars, supercars, luxury sedans, luxury SUVs, off-road vehicles, convertibles, classic cars, electric cars and more.

Luxury Car Rental Berlin

Luxury car rental in Berlin with Edel & Stark

Rent Aston Martin

Rent Aston Martin in Berlin

Driving in an Aston Martin across the AVUS past the spectator stands on a trip to Potsdam shows true style.

Rent Audi

Rent Audi in Berlin

Berlin has developed into a major business metropolis and for business meetings a sedan from Audi is particularly well suited. You can also choose from a range of convertibles and SUVs from Audi.

Rent Bentley

Rent Bentley in Berlin

Drive like a king in a Bentley from the Berlin Palace along the magnificent boulevard Unter den Linden.

Rent BMW

Rent BMW in Berlin

A black BMW is the symbol of luxury and elegance. We also offer a selection of vehicle colors, both for sedans and SUVs.

Rent Bugatti

Rent Bugatti in Berlin

Rent Cadillac

Rent Cadillac in Berlin

Rent Ferrari

Rent Ferrari in Berlin

To drive a Ferrari for once in a lifetime is the dream for many. With us at Edel & Stark Luxury Car Rental you can make this dream come true.

Rent Ford

Rent Ford in Berlin

Rent Jaguar

Rent Jaguar in Berlin

Rent Lamborghini

Rent Lamborghini in Berlin

Drive in a Lamborghini on your inter-city trip starting in Berlin. Germany’s famous highways without speed limits are located just outside of Berlin.

Rent Maserati

Rent Maserati in Berlin

Enjoy your time in Berlin with a luxury car from Maserati, a manufacturer known for fabricating extremely powerful style icons.

Rent McLaren

Rent McLaren in Berlin

The McLaren is an ideal companion on the wide streets of Berlin, and it really gets up to speed on those highways nearby where there is no speed limit.

Rent Mercedes-Benz

Rent Mercedes Benz in Berlin

Mercedes-Benz is for many Germans the epitome of success and remains still today an expression of respectability and prosperity. Inquire for a Mercedes rental in Berlin now.

Rent Mini

Rent Mini in Berlin

Rent Nissan

Rent Nissan in Berlin

Rent Porsche

Rent Porsche in Berlin

With Porsche nowadays you have the choice between a compact sports car and a station wagon or an SUV with plenty of space for the whole family.

Rent Range Rover

Rent Range Rover in Berlin

While Berlin does not have many mountains in its vicinity, a Range Rover is ideal for longer trips through Germany, and is also a great shopping companion for storing groceries and luggage.

Rent Rolls Royce

Rent Rolls Royce in Berlin

Berlin has many grand boulevards - Unter den Linden, Kurfürstendamm and 17 June, to name a few - making the German capital the perfect routes for the luxury Rolls Royce sedans.

Rent Tesla

Rent Tesla in Berlin

Rent Volvo

Rent Volvo in Berlin

Travel tips for Berlin

If you are traveling by a luxury sports car in Berlin, be sure to take a drive on the AVUS (Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungsstrasse). The dead-straight route was opened in 1921 and served only as a test and race track until 1940. Today, it is a highway that begins at the Berlin Radio Tower, where the spectator stands for the former auto races are located.

A trip to the Brandenburg Gate is a must do in Berlin, where the Berlin Wall used to stretch along. Either you approach the Brandenburg Gate from the boulevard Unter den Linden or from the 17 June street. Driving through the gate by car however is not allowed.

Radio Tower Berlin

Brandenburger Gate

Hotel tips for Berlin

In Berlin, you can reside like a prince at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski (5-star) directly at the Brandenburg Gate, where stars including Michael Jackson have stayed. In earlier times Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich and Josephine Baker have also stayed there.

In the area City West of Berlin, you can enjoy a magnificent view over the city in the five-star Waldorf Astoria Berlin hotel tower. In addition, you are located centrally at the Zoological Garden and can set out for extensive shopping trips to Kurfürstendamm or gourmet tours to Kantstrasse, which is home to numerous restaurants serving Asian cuisine. Book your luxury car for Berlin now and choose from our large fleet of various brands.

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin
Kurfürstendamm Berlin

Restaurant tips for Berlin

Berlin City Car Rental

You will find a very special gourmet pearl in Berlin with the Rutz restaurant, which has been awarded three Michelin stars. The restaurant serves modern and creative cuisine. In addition, the Rutz has received a green Michelin star because the restaurant maintains a sustainable way of working.

You can also dine deliciously at the Cordo star restaurant, which has 1 Michelin star. This restaurant has also received a green Michelin star. For example, it does not use plastic, sources products almost exclusively from Germany, and buys vegetables from local farmers.

Berlin Dinner
German Potato Salad

Luxury Car Rental - FAQs

Are there any special requirements to rent a luxury car?

No. The procedure and required documents remain the same. Drivers should have a valid driver's license and a passport or identity card (ID card).



What is fully comprehensive insurance?

If you choose comprehensive insurance, you are immediately covered for any damage caused to the car during a collision, regardless of who is at fault. You only have to cover the deductible.



Can anyone else drive the rental car besides me?

No, only the registered driver is allowed to drive the car. Contact our team to request an additional driver. However, this is free of charge.



Do you have a 24/7 customer support team in case of emergency?

Yes. We have a dedicated customer support team that works around the clock to handle your emergency requests.



What is the mileage limit? Should I be concerned about this?

The mileage limit is the number of miles covered in your rental car agreement. If you exceed it, you will be charged a minimum fee per km.