Luxury Car Rental at Geneva Airport - Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and more
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Luxury Car Rental at Geneva Airport - Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and more

At Geneva Airport you can choose from a wide range of luxury cars available for rent with Edel & Stark Luxury Car Rental. Start your journey directly from the airport to Geneva city center or any other location in Switzerland with your desired rental car. By renting a luxury car, you will fit in with the glamorous flair of the city on Lake Geneva with its many diplomatic missions, banks and jewellery stores.

Inquire now for renting a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and more at Geneva Airport.

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Rent these car brands in Geneva airport

Here you will find a list of brands of luxury cars for rent in Geneva airport. Among them you will find sports cars, supercars, luxury sedans, luxury SUVs, off-road vehicles, convertibles, classic cars, electric cars and more.

Luxury Car Rental Geneva Airport

Luxury car rental in Geneva airport with Edel & Stark

Rent Aston Martin

Rent Aston Martin in Geneva airport

Start your trip to Switzerland in the style of James Bond, who brought legendary Aston Martin sports cars to the big screen.



Rent Audi

Rent Audi in Geneva airport

Whether it's a business sedan, sports car or an SUV, pick the Audi that suits your needs best, and be perfectly equipped on your trip in Switzerland.



Rent Bentley

Rent Bentley in Geneva airport

With a Bentley, you are not just driving a car, but you are enjoying a status symbol expressing luxury and wealth in a very elegant way.



Rent BMW

Rent BMW in Geneva airport

Enjoy the BMW brand as a sedan or an SUV, impress your business contacts and appear confident and powerful yet down to earth. 



Rent Bugatti

Rent Bugatti in Geneva airport

You don't buy a Bugatti just like that, but you can easily rent one with Edel & Stark and make your dream come true. 



Rent Cadillac

Rent Cadillac in Geneva airport

Not only is Geneva Airport international, but the city itself with its many international organizations and multinational companies. Hence a US vehicle like a Cadillac is just the right car to get around. 



Rent Ferrari

Rent Ferrari in Geneva airport

Edel & Stark Luxury Car Rental offers various models of the top sports car Ferrari for rent at Geneva Airport. You can start you stay in Switzerland in a powerful and enjoyable way.



Rent Ford

Rent Ford in Geneva airport

It is a dream of many to drive a Ford Mustang one day: At Edel & Stark Luxury Car Rental this dream can now become a reality, as we also rent the Ford Mustang, be it the modern or the classic model. 



Rent Jaguar

Rent Jaguar in Geneva airport

With a Jaguar, whether sports car or SUV, you are in very good hands at Geneva Airport to travel the luxury metropolis of Geneva with the necessary elegance.



Rent Lamborghini

Rent Lamborghini in Geneva airport

With a Lamborghini you can make wonderful trips around Lake Geneva and beyond. Start your stay in Switzerland with this mega-class sports car or opt for a Lamborghini SUV.



Rent Maserati

Rent Maserati in Geneva airport

The elegance of a Maserati will give you that certain something when you pick up this car at Geneva Airport. In addition to Maserati sports cars, we also have sedans and SUVs for rent.



Rent McLaren

Rent McLaren in Geneva airport

For Formula 1 enthusiasts, we have something very special at Geneva Airport. Choose one of McLaren's many models for your car rental and we deliver it to Geneva Airport so you can hit the ground running.



Rent Mercedes-Benz

Rent Mercedes Benz in Geneva airport

You can rent a stately Mercedes sedan at Geneva Airport with Edel & Stark Luxury Car Rental, or you can opt for a sports car, convertible, SUV, or a van from the renowned German brand. 



Rent Mini

Rent Mini in Geneva airport

The Mini is a nice compact yet swifty car that has upscale features and is available for rent with Edel & Stark Luxury Car Rental.



Rent Nissan

Rent Nissan in Geneva airport

A luxury SUV is now also available from the house of Nissan, namely the Nissan Patrol. In addition to luxury it also demonstrates performance.


Rent Porsche

Rent Porsche in Geneva airport

Porsche is the epitome of a sports car. At Edel & Stark Luxury Car Rental, there is a wide variety to choose from: classic sports cars like the 911, the station wagon Panamera, or the SUV Cayenne, among others. 



Rent Range Rover

Rent Range Rover in Geneva airport

Switzerland is especially known for its gorgeous mountains, which is why a Range Rover SUV rental fits in well with the landscape.



Rent Rolls Royce

Rent Rolls Royce in Geneva airport

Luxury is as much a part of Geneva as is its famous Lake Geneva. You can't go wrong with a Rolls-Royce in Geneva, and we deliver this quintessential luxury car directly to Geneva Airport as your rental.



Rent Tesla

Rent Tesla in Geneva airport

Tesla e-cars are an expression of the new modern age, where new forms of propulsion reflect progress around the world and have long been part of the street scene even in the global metropolis of Geneva.


Rent Volvo

Rent Volvo in Geneva airport

Travel tips for Geneva airport

A particular highlight at Geneva Airport is the spectator terrace, which is called Panorama Terrace for a good reason. From this beautiful terrace you can see the entire runway, from start to finish, while the Jura mountains tower in the background.

If you are in Geneva during the Geneva Motor Show, it is worthwhile visiting the international car show at the Palexpo exhibition center near Geneva Airport.

Geneva Airport Trip to Chateu de ChillonGeneva Airport

Hotel tips for Geneva airport

Directly at the Geneva Airport you can find the Hilton Geneva Hotel & Conference Centre, the Holiday Inn Express Geneva Airport or the Mövenpick Geneva Hotel.

Since Geneva Airport is not far from the city center, it is also recommended to spend one or more nights at the 5-star Mandarin Oriental Geneva Hotel, overlooking the Rhône River. Not far away is the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, which is the oldest Swiss luxury hotel – a reason enough to spend a night there.

Geneva Airport View
Geneva Airport Hotel Luggage

Restaurant tips for Geneva airport

Geneva Airport trip to Vevey

If you're looking for a restaurant at Geneva Airport, there are plenty to choose from. Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar serves Prunier caviar and Balik salmon, lobster but also other seafood.

In the Le Chef restaurant, you can enjoy a view of the runway and the Jura mountains, as well as delight in local products.

Cozy and musical is the Montreux Jazz Café, which goes back to the chef and founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival Claude Nobs.

Geneva Airport Cheese
Geneva Airport Lunch

Luxury Car Rental - FAQs

Are there any special requirements to rent a luxury car?

No. The procedure and required documents remain the same. Drivers should have a valid driver's license and a passport or identity card (ID).



What is fully comprehensive insurance?

If you choose comprehensive insurance, you are immediately covered for any damage caused to the car during a collision, regardless of who is at fault. You only have to cover the deductible.



Can anyone else drive the rental car besides me?

No, only the registered driver is allowed to drive the car. Contact our team to request an additional driver. However, this is free of charge.



Do you have a 24/7 customer support team in case of emergency?

Yes. We have a dedicated customer support team that works around the clock to handle your emergency requests.



What is the mileage limit? Should I be concerned about this?

The mileage limit is the number of miles covered in your rental car agreement. If you exceed it, you will be charged a minimum fee per km.



Where can I park at Geneva airport?

There are several parking garages available for parking at Geneva Airport, with short-term and long-term parking options. The majority of Geneva airport is located on Swiss territory. There is also a French sector of Geneva Airport, which is located on French territory, which also offers parking garages.