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Rent a Mercedes-Benz in Zurich with outstanding services

Mercedes is considered as star of the German car industry. Mercedes cars combine top-of-the-line technology, luxury and reliability to provide driving pleasure and security. Get a quote for Mercedes rental in Zurich now.

Rent Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Zurich

With 557 HP, the Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster is a full-blooded AMG and guarantees joyful hours driving around Zurich thanks to its open top.

Mercedes-AMG GT S Mieten Zürich

This lively sports car is assembled manually through many individual production steps. Experience driving as it is supposed to be with a Mercedes-AMG GT S in Zurich.

Rent Mercedes E Class Zurich

The Mercedes E Class combines seriousness with a touch of elegance in a limousine. This modern vehicle is comfortable and representative to get from A to B in Zurich.

Rent Mercedes GLE Coupé Zurich

The Mercedes GLE Coupé is a fusion of Coupé and SUV, combining the advantages of both categories in one car. The result is an elegant four-wheel drive that provides a high level of comfort while driving through Zurich.

Rent Mercedes GLS Zurich

Thanks to its spacious interior, the Mercedes GLS provides transportation for up to seven passengers in a luxurious interior similar to an S Class. Spoil your family with first-class transportation in Zurich.

Rent Mercedes G63 AMG Zurich

This extravagant SUV features a highly luxurious interior and an extraordinary amount of storage capacity for luggage and shopping bags. Turn your trip to Zurich into something special with a Mercedes G63 AMG.

Rent Mercedes G 500 4x4 Squared Zurich

The Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared is the topmost model of the G Class series, not only featuring a massive body but also great engine power. This SUV doesn't care about street conditions and attracts all the attention in Zurich for sure.

Rent Mercedes SL Zurich

The Mercedes SL features an open top in addition to all advantages of an AMG sports car. Equipped with newest technologies, the SL stands among the most popular roadsters. With this sports car, your stay in Zurich will become unforgettable.

Rent Mercedes S 500 Zurich

The Mercedes S Class stands for seriousness, luxury and style. As first choice for business appointments, the Mercedes S Class will guarantee a positive first impression in Zurich.

Rent Mercedes S Class Zurich

Nothing quite expresses style, luxury and fun like a Mercedes S Class Convertible. With this model, you can drive as elegantly as you drive joyfully on the roads of Zurich and its surroundings.

Rent Mercedes V Class Zurich

This luxurious minivan accommodates up to 8 passengers while ensuring comfort and luxury. The Mercedes V Class is suited perfectly for group travels or family holidays in Zurich.

Mercedes stands for luxury, modern technology and seriousness, offering a wide range of different vehicles. The range of Mercedes models reaches from classy limousines to massive all-wheelers. Therefore, we have a fitting Mercedes companion for everyone. No matter if you are planning family holidays in Zurich or visit the largest Swiss city for business reasons, we have the perfect Mercedes for you. Rent a Mercedes in Zurich.

The Lake Zurich is a main meeting area for locals. Therefore, a lot of the city life happens at the border of the lake. Many hip restaurants and bars are situated here and offer space for relaxation. Enjoy a nice drive in a Mercedes along the lake to get to Rapperswil Jona. This nice village is known for its historic old town and the Mediterranean touch, resulting in the nickname Riviera of Lake Zurich. Enjoy your stay with a lunch in the Café Inä. It is directly located in the old town and serves regional delicacies. Rent a Mercedes in Zurich to reach this beautiful town along Lake Zurich.

Thanks to the central location of Zurich, you can reach many interesting places in short time. The Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen are only one hour away from Zurich. Enjoy a scenic drive in a Mercedes through the Zurich wine region to reach the largest waterfall in Europe. There, many viewing platforms and secure walkways ensure your safety while you can gaze at the 150 meters wide waterfall. Rent a Mercedes SL in Zurich to reach the Riviera of Lake Zurich or rent a Mercedes GLS to enjoy a visit to the Rhein Falls. Rent a Mercedes in Zurich.

Rent a Mercedes-Benz in Zurich.

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