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Luxury car rental in Zurich with Edel & Stark

Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland and is considered the economic, scientific and metropolitan hub of the country. And the interesting metropolis doesn't miss out on cultural features either. Rent a luxury car in Zurich to dive into this adventure.

Rent an Aston Martin in Zurich

The royal look of Aston Martin matches this magnificent city perfectly.

Rent a Ferrari in Zurich

A classy entrance in Zurich is guaranteed with the Italian elegance of Ferrari.

Rent a Lamborghini in Zurich

The imposing impression of Lamborghini will get you a lot of attention on the streets of Zurich.

Rent a Maserati in Zurich

Maserati doesn't only offer elegant curves but also impressive engine power for short trips in the Zurich area.

Rent a Mercedes-Benz in Zurich

The high-quality range of Mercedes-Benz reaches from sports cars to limousines and even to transporters.

Rent a Porsche in Zurich

The classic sports cars by Porsche are a safe choice and promise great driving pleasure.

Rent a Range Rover in Zurich

Comfortable and luxurious transportation in the city is provided by the outstanding SUVs by Range Rover.

Rent a Rolls Royce in Zurich

High-class luxury limousines to rent in Zurich. No matter if self-driven or chauffeured, Rolls Royce stands for highest luxury and driving comfort.

Luxury cars perfectly fit this extraordinary city. No matter if Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce or Mercedes-Benz, top-class vehicles reflect the cosmopolitan way of life in Zurich ideally. Luxury car rental in Zurich is the best way to explore this city.

Zurich is ideal for tourists and offers many highlights: the well-preserved historic city center located on both side of the river Limmat is interesting for culture enthusiasts because it's where the most sights of the city can be found. An old town hall, the Grossmunster cathedral and several churches invite you to explore the city by foot. Modern architecture is prominent as well and can be gazed at throughout the city, preferably in a luxury car to rent in Zurich.

Besides, the metropolis is known for its diverse night life with about 500 bars and clubs. From mainstream clubs to jazz pubs to exclusive luxury establishments, there's something for everyone. Shopping lovers will find everything they look for in the Bahnhofstrasse, a street packed with shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafés and more. Like this, you can combine the cultural attractions in Zurich with a modern and exciting ambiance. Rent a luxury car in Zurich.

Take a look at our large choice of luxury cars to rent in Zurich.

Rent a luxury car in Zurich.


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