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Geneva is a gorgeous metropolis that offers a charming cityscape and the famous Lake Geneva. Behind the pretty frame, numerous foreign-policy and humanitarian organizations are resident and grant Geneva its international flair. Luxury car rental in Geneva is the ideal means of transportation. Get a quote for a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Maserati and more in Geneva.

Rent Aston Martin Geneva

Rent an Aston Martin in Geneva

No matter if you visit Geneva for business, political reasons or leisure, reach your destination in style with an Aston Martin.

Rent Audi Geneva

Rent an Audi in Geneva

Do you depend on punctuality? Move reliabliy and sporty with an Audi in Geneva.

Rent Bentley Geneva

Rent a Bentley in Geneva

Bentley's British elegance wonderfully fits Geneva's international flair. Get in the car and reach your destination comfortably, no matter if you are driving yourself or are being chauffeured.

Rent Ferrari Geneva

Rent a Ferrari in Geneva

Are you in the mood for a drive? Explore sights around Geneva like the Vallée de Joux over the mountain pass Col du Marchairuz.

Rent Lamborghini Geneva

Rent a Lamborghini in Geneva

The proud Italian sports cars attracts a lot of attention in Geneva and is ideally suited for a trip along the Lavaux vineyard terraces.

Rent Maserati Geneva

Rent a Maserati in Geneva

Enjoy the combination of sportiness, elegance and luxury in Geneva in a Maserati by Edel & Stark.

Rent Mercedes Geneva

Rent a Mercedes-Benz in Geneva

Enjoy a chauffeur transport from the airport to the hotel, drive around the city comfortably with your family and luggage or take a detour along the Lake Geneva - all possible with a Mercedes in Geneva.

Rent Porsche Geneva

Rent a Porsche in Geneva

German precision and engineering turn Porsches into loyal and reliant companions in Geneva.

Rent Range Rover Geneva

Rent Range Rover in Geneva

Are you visiting Geneva with your family? The luxurious and comfotable models of Range Rover offer a lot of leg space and storage capacity for your luggage and shopping bags.

Rent Rolls Royce Geneva

Rent Rolls Royce in Geneva

For special occasions in Geneva, the prestigious and extraordinarily luxurious limousines of Rolls Royce are suited especially well.

Travel recommendations for Geneva

The region around Geneva offers various sights and destinations that can be visited in a day. Among them is the Vallée de Joux, for example. Traditional Swiss watch makers are based there and you can dive into the Swiss watch history. A wonderful pass road over the Col de Marchairuz gets you there. The vineyard terraces in Lavaux are a world nature heritage site that radiates a lovely flair and can be reached best with a Porsche or Maserati over partially narrow roads. For a trip to the nearby France, we recommend visiting Évian-les-Bains. This charming town allures you with thermal springs and a romantic atmosphere. Luxury car rental in Geneva gets you to all destinations best.

Weinberg-Terrassen Lavaux

Luxusauto Mieten Genf

Weinberg-Terrassen Lavaux

Hotel recommendations for Geneva

Classy vehicles are best combined with classy accommodation. Of course, they can be found in Geneva as well. For example, the Mandarin Oriental Geneva is especially recommendable. It impresses with a wonderful view over the river Rhône and combines 5-star luxury with Swiss charm and tradition. Another excellent address is the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues. As oldest luxury hotel in Switzerland, it offers many amenities. The panoramic view is phenomal as you stay directly at the Lake Geneva. Classic luxury meets Swiss hospitality and Italian and Japanese culinarty art in the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues.

Jet d'Eau Genf

Mandarin Oriental Genf

Blick auf die Rôhne

Restaurant recommendations for Geneva

Unsurprisingly, the international city offers international cuisine as well: In the Restaurant Le Chat-Botté of the Hotel Richemond, classics made of local ingredients as well as Fextraordinary fish dishes are served. Chef Dominique Gauthier regularly drives to Bretagne to meet his fishers and other providers. In the Restaurant Rasoi by Vineet, Indian cuisine is reinterpreted. The highlight is the Tandoori oven in the restaurant. It is used to grill lobster, bake fish and prepare chicken.

Rasoi by Vineet



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Rent a luxury car in Geneva.


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