To visit different countries and cultures has always been fascinating to humankind. Luxury travel makes exclusive experiences and unforgettable adventures possible. Not only the right destinations, also the hotels, restaurants and rental cars of the highest level are part of unique travels.

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Ferrari Lamborghini Wüste

Tuesday, 6. October 2020

The best driving roads in the UAE: Dubai road trip out of 1001 nights

New sights, new routes and new experiences are something every car connoisseur dreams of. But what do you do when your home country no longer offers you new roads? Just pack your car shoes and leather gloves and fly to Dubai.

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Wednesday, 26. February 2020

Rent Ferrari F8 Tributo: Through Italy with a Ferrari

Rent the Ferrari F8 Tributo and travel through Italy. Experience Italy at the driving wheel of a fast Italian.

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Privat Jet Charter

Wednesday, 4. December 2019

Why You Should Use a Private Jet for Your Next Skiing Holiday

It’s clear that skiing holidays are seen as a luxury holiday but imagine arriving at your destination by private jet - we think it’s well worth doing!

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The 5 best ski resorts in Switzerland Header

Thursday, 31. January 2019

The 5 best ski resorts in Switzerland

It’s winter again. But in which ski resort would you like to take a break from the daily routine this year? We present the 5 best ski resorts in Switzerland.

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Dubai Skyline

Wednesday, 21. November 2018

The most beautiful golf courses in the United Arab Emirates

No matter if you want to enjoy an incredible view on the sea during a round of golf, shoot on a lot shaped by the tides or end an exciting day on the course in a luxurious clubhouse, the UAE has something to offer for anyone. We searched for the most beautiful golf courses.

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Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

Wednesday, 24. October 2018

The most beautiful desert hotels in Dubai and the UAE

A stay in a magical resort in the middle of the United Arab Emirates deserts is an unforgettable experience. We present our top 3 desert hotels in Dubai.

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Ferrari SP38

Wednesday, 5. September 2018

Grand Basel - the car as a piece of art

The ES Magazine presents an exclusive insight into Grand Basel. Discover the new Ferrari SP38 Deborah, the Tesla Roadster and other exciting automobiles.

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Summer Holidays in Europe

Monday, 28. May 2018

Experience magical summer holidays in Europe

The European summer is mild, sunny and pleasant. Enjoy magical summer holidays in Europe between June and September with blooming landscapes, first-class hospitality and unforgettable experiences.

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Das sind die aufregendsten SPortautotouren Europas Content

Monday, 9. April 2018

These are the most exciting sports car tours in Europe

The days are getting longer, it gets warmer and the first emerging grasses replace the last snow. These signs indicate that the spring is not far away. Springtime is the perfect time to sit behind a steering wheel of your favourite sports car and drive through the exciting roads of Europe’s mountain passes. We show you the most beautiful and exciting sports car tours in Europe.

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Suvretta content

Monday, 5. February 2018

Winter Wonderland - The most beautiful winter hotels of Switzerland

Gorgeous winter landscapes, white mountains, exciting ski slopes and light-flooded cities. In winter, Switzerland turns into a winter wonderland that invites to stay. No matter if exciting days on the ski slopes or romantic winter walks through mountain villages, Switzerland has something to offer for everyone.

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Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht

Wednesday, 17. January 2018

Highlights of the Dubai Golf Holidays by Edel & Stark

With the exclusive Dubai Golf Holidays by Edel & Stark, you can fulfill two dreams at once. During the tour, you are visiting the most beautiful golf courses of Dubai and the UAE with a view of the blue sea and great skylines. Travel on the best roads of the country in a luxury car of your choice during the whole tour.

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Tuscany Vineyard Content

Monday, 9. October 2017

The wonderful grape harvest in Tuscany

The winegrowing in Tuscany has a long tradition. The most important time is the autumn, when the grape harvest in Tuscany takes place.

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Exclusive Summer Holidays Content

Monday, 31. July 2017

Exclusive summer holidays: This will make your summer holiday unforgettable

Are you still looking for inspiration for the most beautiful time of the year? We have expert tips and insider knowledge for exclusive summer holidays!

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Reiseziele nach Ramadan

Wednesday, 24. May 2017

Perfect travel destinations after Ramadan in Europe

Various travel destinations after Ramadan offer many possibilities for summer holidays with pleasant temperatures and harmonic relaxation.

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Friday, 17. February 2017

Lovely trips during the International Motor Show Geneva

You are visiting the International Motor Show Geneva but want to relax a bit as well? We looked for the perfect trip recommendations for you!

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Privatjet Charter

Thursday, 2. February 2017

What do I have to know about international private jet rental?

The Team Aviation Services by Edel & Stark makes flexible and individual transportation with a private jet possible – straightforward and easy.

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Grand Tour of Switzerland mit Edel & Stark

Monday, 23. January 2017

Explore The Grand Tour of Switzerland with Edel & Stark

Switzerland offers gorgeous attractions and streets. Get into your dream car and enjoy an unforgettable adventure!

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St. Moritz Ski WM Content

Monday, 16. January 2017

The mecca of winter sports St Moritz

The town is renowned for being the venue for large sport events. Furthermore, you can lodge in excellent luxury hotels there.

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SUV mieten Range Rover

Wednesday, 4. January 2017

The best winterproof SUVs for a drive through European landscapes

You want to travel through winter in a save and classy way? Absolutely no problem if you rent an SUV with Edel & Stark.

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Edel & Stark ist Preferred Supplier von SDH

Wednesday, 19. October 2016

The 41 best 5 star hotels in Switzerland put their trust in Edel & Stark

Swiss hotels enjoy great popularity. The top-quality 5 star hotels are particularly renowned all over the world. The platform Swiss Deluxe Hotels has united the best among them and represents highest quality.

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Saturday, 21. May 2016

The ideal cars for family holidays after Ramadan

The weeks after Ramadan are perfectly suited for holidays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Pleasant summer temperatures and countless places of interest are waiting to be discovered!

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Frühlingsgefühle in den schönsten Cabriolets

Friday, 22. April 2016

Spring fever in the most beautiful convertibles

Once the plants start blooming again after winter and the sun warms both the landscapes and our minds, we are looking forward to road trips in a convertible again.

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Rent Ferrari 488 GTB