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Exclusive summer holidays: This will make your summer holiday unforgettable

Monday, 31. July 2017 | Dominik Plüss

Are you still looking for inspiration for the most beautiful time of the year? We have expert tips and insider knowledge for exclusive summer holidays!

Exclusiveness refers to things which are of high prestige and are accessible only to a certain circle. This is exactly what many people want in summer. Spending your holiday together with hundreds of other people is tiring. Exclusive summer holidays therefore definitely look different.

Luxury travel is extensive. Luxury travel is comprehensive. And they provide exceptional experiences. Spend the summer at the most beautiful locations and spend it with activities that you are enjoying to the fullest. Our expert for private jet charter & yacht charter at Edel & Stark, Manu Diezi, has created fantastic inspirations for exclusive summer holidays. Mr. Diezi has over 10 years of experience gathered in renowned companies like Vista Jet & Ocean Independence.

Manu Diezi, where do exclusive summer holidays start for you?

My idea of ​​exclusive summer holidays starts at the same place where ordinary holidays usually start at the airport. However, I am heading to the private aviation terminal. There is already a private jet waiting for me. The luggage is taken off of me and the check-in is easy and fast. I am able to travel without any stress, because stress and chaos are foreign words when traveling by private jet.

Manu Diezi

Which private jet would you recommend for a flight to the summer holidays? What characterizes him?

The best choice is the Bombardier Challenger 300 or the Cessna Citation XLS. Both have 8-9 seats, enough for friends and family. The seats are each in a standard cabin, so it is possible to sit up. This makes it much more comfortable to fly than in the small cabin of an entry level jets.

For additional convenience, usually a Cabin Hostess is there to provide service, during the flight time. She serves champagne and offers snacks on the way to the exclusive summer holidays. Depending on the equipment of the aircraft, even full catering with hot meals can be offered. In addition, both models are known to be very safe and well equipped.

Where do you intend to travel at all with the noble plane?

For me, of course, to the South of France! Here an ideal mix of glamorous cities and Mediterranean landscapes is awaiting me. The charming promenades are sparkling with the joy of life and countless boutiques invite you to stroll.

Culinary masterpieces spoil the palate and the Mediterranean feeling of life ensures the perfect summer feeling. But nothing is as mediterranean as the atmosphere at the numerous ports along the Côte d’Azur.

Exclusive summer holidays require exclusive transportation. Which means of transport is best suited for this?

After the flight I usually book a luxury car, to enjoy a breeze of sea air as fast as possible. For driving in the the South of France, I recommend a Bentley Continental GTC. It does not only transport in an elegant and fast fashion from A to B, it also let you enjoy the warm sunshine on the skin. Like the private jet before, the luxury car also offers the highest of comfortability and privacy. Nothing stands in the way for your relaxing holiday.

On the coast, I switch to the luxury yacht. The mega yacht Brazil offers a balanced variety of entertainment possibilities and relaxation areas. The Mega Yacht Escape II is a little sporty and faster but still very stable and luxurious for a smooth ride along the Mediterranean coast.

Both ships offer more than enough space to accommodate family, friends and a decent cargo of luggage. In addition, they are also an optimized platform to enjoy water sports.

St. Tropez, Nice, Cannes … There are countless beautiful ports on the Côte d’Azur. Which port should one choose?

I am sometimes overwhelmed myself . My favorites include St. Tropez, Cannes, Monaco and Golfe-Juan. The Côte d’Azur is characterized by a variety of small villages and small towns. Many restaurants have a jetty. The luxury yacht can be moored in the bay and go by boat to the restaurant.

St. Tropez is especially known for the raging beach parties. And water rats have the opportunity to live out all facets of water sports. Jet Ski, Flyboard, Water Skiing, Seabob, Diving Trips … The possibilities are endless.

Exclusive summer holidays also include exclusive experiences. What insider tip can you entrust to us?

One of my favorite places is the peninsula of Cap-Ferrat. The idyllic ambience can be enjoyed, for example, on a tour along the coast. The museum Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild houses a beautiful park which is absolutely worth seeing.

My highlight is the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat. First class design and a breathtaking view from the hotel pool.

Exclusive summer holidays are characterized by an elegant and unique atmosphere, which can be used perfectly by luxurious means of transport. A large portion of privacy also contributes very much to the relaxation. This is the way to enjoy life!

For more information on luxury travel, private jets and yachts, please contact Manu Diezi. You can reach him at aviation@edelstark.com.

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