Reiseziele nach Ramadan

Perfect travel destinations after Ramadan in Europe

Wednesday, 24. May 2017 | Dominik Plüss

Various travel destinations after Ramadan offer many possibilities for summer holidays with pleasant temperatures and harmonic relaxation.

Reiseziele nach Ramadan

Towards the end of June, Europe presents itself in the best light for your summer holidays. The temperature is pleasant with 25-30 degrees celsius, the sun is shining and the flora blooms in wonderful colors. Especially the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland features spectacular travel destinations after Ramadan. Relaxing holidays wait for your family and you.


Germany is filled with historic sites and stunning landmarks. If you have enough time, you will find interesting things everywhere in the country waiting for you to explore. If you’re in Germany for just some days, we recommend paying Munich a visit first of all. The capital city of the Federal State Bavaria is ideally suited for holidays, not least because of the surroundings. Culture abounds in Munich. Museums of various kinds shed light on the historical and cultural development of the region, countless theater buildings and opera houses build the scene for artistic entertainment.

Besides, the picturesque surroundings of Munich and particularly the Black Forest are perfect for car trips and excursions. Enjoy the green countryside that could just fit in a storybook. Visit cultural highlights like the Neuschwanstein Castle, a landmark building of Germany and an absolute must-see!

On your way to Neuschwanstein Castle, take a little detour to the lake Tegernsee. This idyllic region is practically made for leaving behind stress and relaxing body and mind.


For people interested in history, Berlin is definitely worth a visit. The city is filled with historically important landmarks. The most famous among them is the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building and the Unter den Linden boulevard are worth seeing as well.

On the other hand, Stuttgart is especially interesting for car enthusiasts. For example, the most visited museum of the region is located in the city, the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Furthermore, the Porsche Museum is perfect for a visit as well. Both buildings are extremely interesting and leave a lasting impression. No German city without cultural points of interest: If you are tired of cars, stop by at the St. John’s Church that serves as a war memorial or visit various other sights.



Switzerland is widely known as a country of hospitality. Swiss tourism isn’t only hospitable but also very reliable. You can rest assured that your planned trip in Switzerland will work exactly like you’ve imagined. The metropolis Zurich is especially worth seeing. Besides some interesting sights, the economic and social center of the country offers various possibilities for luxurious shopping trips and private spa treatments. Furthermore, Zurich is renowned for a really diverse night life: Among the over 500 bars and clubs, there is something for everyone.

7132 Therme Vals

In Geneva, you will experience a very international atmosphere. There is a great deal of activity including people from all over the world. For tourists, the Jet d’eau is particularly exciting. It is the iconic fountain of the city. Excursions in the vicinity of Geneva are appealing as well, where charming roads along the Lake Geneva lead you deeper into the country, for example to the Vallée de Joux where some of the most renowned watch manufacturers of the world have established their factories.

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Contact us anytime for further travel destination after Ramadan. We will competently advise you and recommend the fitting rental car for your dream destination, allowing you to enjoy your summer holidays carefree.

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