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The Best Automotive Attractions In Dubai

Wednesday, 13. December 2023 | Benedikt Lüchinger

As one of the automotive capitals of the world, Dubai is an immensely interesting place to visit if you are a car enthusiast. From the numerous exotics and prestigious cars you will see roaming the streets to interesting events and road trips, Dubai is an automotive hub that will provide unique experiences and memorable moments. In this article you will find the best car sights in Dubai.

You can explore the impressive road network and take a drive down the coastal roads behind the wheel of a luxury rental car. There are many car attractions in and around Dubai, and here are the best of them. We are sure that what you will see and experience will overcome your expectations.

Dubai Autodrome

As one of the most modern race tracks in the world, Dubai Autodrome is a racing complex with a 5.39 km long circuit, several track layouts, a driving school, and a go-kart venue. It is located near Jumeirah Village and the E 311 highway. The Dubai Autodrome is the home of numerous racing series, and on any given weekend, you can find some exciting events taking place. From track days club outings to major international races like Dubai 24 Hours or Ferrari Challenge. There are also exciting shops and car dealerships in the Autodrome complex, and you can rent a vehicle and take a few laps on the track.

Dubai Autodrom

Dubai International Motor Show

Traditionally held in November of every year, the Dubai International Motor Show is one of the most significant manifestations in the Middle East. Due to the importance of the local market, all car companies try to impress the showgoers with displays that are not available anywhere else. That is why the Dubai International Motor Show is a unique event full of the newest exotic cars, advanced concepts, and prestigious models. Some car companies even choose this show for world premieres of their luxury cars. The Dubai International Motor Show is often accompanied by other events like tuning shows, parts shops, classic car shows, and so on.

Luxury Car Rentals

Dubai is a city with probably the highest rate of luxury, sports, and prestigious models commonly seen on the streets. If you want to blend in, make a statement, or just enjoy its surroundings in the best possible way, you’ll need a luxury convertible, sports car, or premium SUV. We’ve got you covered, and in our Dubai office, you can find prestigious Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, or Bentley models all ready and waiting to deliver you the automotive experience of a lifetime. Renting and enjoying such a vehicle is even more accessible in Dubai than it is in the rest of the world.

Dubai Luxury Car Hire

Desert Driving

Driving in the desert is a big part of Dubai’s automotive experience and a unique chance to tackle the rocky hills, jump over the dunes, or learn special off-road driving techniques. Since the desert consists of most of the Emirate of Dubai’s landscape, the locals perfected driving on the sand, and there is an enormous off-road community there. It means you can find numerous desert tour guides and rent a specially prepared off-road vehicle. He highly suggests doing so, and the experience will be fantastic. Especially if you opt for camping and spending the night underneath the millions of desert stars. Also, we must warn you not to go into the desert without appropriate vehicle supplies and without off-road driving experience. As calm as it seems from the road, the desert is a very dangerous place for inexperienced drivers without proper gear.

Desert driving Dubai

Road Trips

What is a better way to get the vibe of a city than driving around? In Dubai, road trips are on the next level since you have many things to see, from coastal roads, skyscrapers, and impressive residential areas to massive highway networks, desert roads, and an oasis in the middle of nowhere. However, since Abu Dhabi is 130 km (80 miles) away to the south and the mountain roads of Jebel Jais are just 160 km (100 miles) to the north, there is no reason why you shouldn’t just drive outside the city. Road-tripping is an immensely interesting way to spend your Dubai holiday, and we guarantee that you will see fantastic scenery and perfectly smooth roads and have the drive of your life behind the wheel of a luxury rental car. You can drive on the highways that run along the shore, but you can always take the scenic route or local roads through the countryside. Either way, you are in for a drive of a lifetime.

Musandam Road

Exotic Car Dealerships, Collections and Museums

Even though the most prominent UAE car museums are not located in Dubai, this city still has an impressive classic car collection open to visitors. Called Al Serkal Classic Car Collection, it is located on Al Maktoum Road, Dubai. It features an extensive lineup of perfectly restored classic cars from the early days of motoring history. This collection shows classic vehicles used in Dubai in the past and gives perfect insight into what the roads were like before Dubai became a modern metropolis. Also, all over the city, you can find numerous car dealerships and collections selling exclusive cars, custom cars, classic cars, and anything on four wheels. We particularly recommend the Al Ain Class Motors showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road. Due to the proximity of the desert, dedicated off-road shops are standard, and you can find extensive offerings of specialized gear, components, and off-road parts.

Flat12 Caffe

Dubai’s thriving car community doesn’t just revolve around car shows, expensive dealerships, or private collections; it also has its own spots in the city and places where all car enthusiasts meet. One such place is the well-known Flat12 Caffe. Located in the Dubai Maritime City area, Flat12 is a unique place in the world. It is a cafe, car display, and location for many local club meets and traditional Cars & Cookies events. Its unique atmosphere, delicious food, and a chance to have a drink sitting next to a classic Bugatti or the newest Ferrari make the whole experience almost surreal. A true automotive heaven, located in an exciting part of the city and with a menu that is out of this world. At any given moment, there are exciting cars in the parking lot of the Flat12 Caffe, somebody who is willing to chat and share automotive experiences and give you tips for hidden automotive gems in and around Dubai.

Flat12 Café Dubai

Dubai Police Exotic Car Fleet

Dubai is a city of extravagance, and so is its police car fleet. A few years ago, the Dubai Police made the headlines when they acquired a fleet of supercars and luxury vehicles, including Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes SLS, Audi R8, Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini Urus, and Aston Martin One 77, all painted in characteristic green and white color scheme with lights on the roof. Since then, the Dubai Police has bought new supercars every year, expanding its fleet into the most expensive police carpool in the world. Of course, such specialty cars are not used in everyday patrol duties and apprehending bad guys but for parades, promotional purposes, and car events. So, if you are in Dubai while some automotive event is held, you will get to see police Lamborghini Aventador with flashing lights and sirens, which is the only one in the world. Seeing a supercar police fleet parading the streets is an extraordinary site. It is currently unclear when the next Dubai International Motor Show will be held.

Dubai police car fleet

Emirates Classic Car Festival

The love of cars in Dubai isn’t limited to the latest and most expensive models. Dubai’s classic car community is one of the most vibrant parts of the local automotive landscape. Dubai is home to a vast number of collectors, restorers, classic car dealers, and experts. The warm climate means that cars will not rust, making the restoration process more manageable. Dubai classic fans are at the forefront of the trend, so if you are looking for a specific vintage model, the chances are you will find it there or at least see it at some of the classic car events. Besides the Emirates Classic Car Festival, Dubai has numerous smaller cruises, gatherings, and shows, from standard classic car meetings to club cruises, racing events, and so on.

Car Spotting

Last but not least, one of Dubai’s most unique automotive attractions is car spotting. A favorite activity of all car-crazed teenagers and YouTubers, car spotting is on the next level in this city. Just casual driving on the central boulevards will expose you to tens of exotics, custom cars, high-powered sports cars, or luxury sedans. In Dubai, you will be able to see cars you cannot see anywhere else and in ordinary traffic or causally parked on the street. It is often said that in Dubai, you should always keep your smartphone in hand because you never know when you will see a Bugatti Chiron or Pagani Zonda next to you, waiting for the lights to turn green. No wonder many car influencers, Instagram, and YouTube stars are located in Dubai or often visit to produce exciting content.

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The Best Automotive Attractions In Dubai

As one of the automotive capitals of the world, Dubai is an immensely interesting place to visit if you are a car enthusiast. From the numerous exotics and prestigious cars you will see roaming the streets to interesting events and road trips, Dubai is an automotive hub that will provide unique experiences and memorable moments. In this article you will find the best car sights in Dubai.

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