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What do I need to know about luxury car hire in Dubai?

Monday, 5. November 2018 | Dominik Plüss

Driving a car in foreign cities or countries isn’t always easy. The ES Magazine provides a helpful guide so you know exactly how to rent a car in Dubai.

Not only the traffic regulations drastically differ, the mentality of car drivers can diverge greatly. Therefore, it is important to look into the details of what you have to pay attention to before driving in a foreign city: Dubai Luxury Car Hire made easy. And these are the most important points:

Driving in general in Dubai

  • In Dubai, right-hand driving is mandatory. Overtaking maneuvers should be performed on the left.
  • Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory.
  • The United Arab Emirates are Islamic, therefore drinking and driving is absolutely prohibited. The legal alcohol limit is 0,0. Violation of this law almost certainly leads to imprisonment!
  • Additionally to your own driving license, it is advised to carry an international driving license as well. For your own safety, carrying the car documents, the proof of insurance and a passport as well as the rental agreement is advised.
Dubai city view

Driving in moderation in Dubai

  • Speed limits on main roads vary between 100 and 140 kilometers per hour. In the inner city, 80 km/h is often the limit. Therefore, paying close attention to the traffic signaling is very important.
  • Another reason why this is essential is because you can find fixed as well as mobile radar detectors installed all over Dubai. Speed limits have to be followed strictly, otherwise a fine will be imposed on you that is much higher than the fines in Europe.
  • Cursing or impolite gestures are frowned upon and can result in very high fines or even imprisonment.

Driving in Dubai

  • Traffic can get very hectic in Dubai. Sometimes, other road user will be very inconsiderate and overtake on the right instead of on the left, for example. It is really important to keep driving considerately and attentively and to keep a safe distance to the vehicle driving ahead of you.
  • Contrary to the laws in many European countries, you are allowed to make a U-turn at traffic lights. So, should you lose your way for once, it is relatively easy to just change your direction again.
  • Speaking of losing your way: Countless conservation and maintenance works on the streets cause even new road maps to become obsolete very rapidly. Therefore, using a GPS is a much greater convenience. Rent and drive a vehicle with GPS so you can make yourself familiar with the road before you drive.
  • Dubai Luxury Car Hire: Depending on the rental company, your car will be delivered directly to the hotel, the airport or any other location in Dubai.
Luxusauto mieten in Dubai

Driving for a fee in Dubai

  • Dubai has a hyper-modern road toll collection system that functions without manned control stations or barriers. With the Salik toll system, deceleration of the car or even an exhausting wait until you can pass the control can be omitted completely. At every road toll station, AED 4 will be automatically charged to your Salik account. This happens via a Salik tag which is placed on the windshield of your car.
  • Dubai Car Hire: When you rent a car, it mostly comes with the Salik tag already installed. The toll will be charged to the Salik account of the rental company. After your booking is complete, this fee will be charged to you.
  • The clear and simple website of Salik offers a lot of helpful information concerning this subject.

Driving outside of Dubai

  • It is essential to remain attentive at all times, especially when driving outside the city. Many car owners don’t use their headlights there – even at night. And the blinkers are not being used too often either.
  • Should you consider a trip to the desert, it is absolutely essential to rent and drive a vehicle with all-wheel drive. Also, you should always carry enough water and food with you.
Liwa_Oasis driving car

Driving with kids in Dubai

  • Children below 12 years are not allowed to drive in the passenger seat unless they fit in a certified child seat mounted against the direction of travel with the air bag disabled.
  • It is mandatory for children below 12 years that are driving in the rear to be secured with fitting child or booster seats as well as safety belts.
  • Dubai Luxury Car Hire: Appropriate child seats are provided by the rental company most of the time.
Baby sleeping car

More information about traffic regulations, law and other helpful hints on

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