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Grand Basel – the car as a piece of art

Wednesday, 5. September 2018 | Dominik Plüss

The ES Magazine presents an exclusive insight into Grand Basel. Discover the new Ferrari SP38 Deborah, the Tesla Roadster and other exciting automobiles.

Ferrari SP38 Deborah

The Ferrari SP38 Deborah is an exclusive, unique car. This is made possible by the One-Off Programme for loyal customers of the Italian manufacturer. At most, 3 vehicles are produced and delivered specifically tailored to the wishes of a customer. This costs an approximate amount of between 3-4 million euros. The Ferrari SP38 is based on the model of the 488 GTB with some significant changes. For example, the cabin is inspired by the Lancia Stratos and you can find elements of legendary Ferraris like the Ferrari F40 or the Ferrari 308 GTB as well.

Tesla Roadster

This supercar of the famous electric vehicle manufacturer presents itself as a leader in its class. The Tesla Roadster can be first seen in Europe at Grand Basel and shows off its extremely sleek and racy exterior. On the street, it is said to accelerate from 0-100km/h in only 2,1 seconds while reaching a theoretical top-speed of over 400km/h. The Tesla Roadster can be reserved already with an estimated delivery date of 2020.

Further car models

Grand Basel is not an event that primarily focuses on novelties like the Ferrari SP38 or the Tesla Roadster, as does the International Motor Show Geneva, for example. Rather, iconic car models are at the center of the attention. All exhibited models coined the automotive history in their own, unique way. Of course, we want to show you this aspect of Grand Basel as well and present you a gallery of selected, classic automobiles.

Background of Grand Basel

Grand Basel celebrates the car as a masterpiece. Mark Backé, Global Director of Grand Basel, sees a car as multiple dimensions that can turn it into a masterpiece. Not only the design and the interior are among these dimensions, the current societal situation during which the car was designed is such an element as well. Grand Basel is a new platform for these kinds of cars and presents them in a way that does not distract viewers from the beauty and fascination of the object.

The Grand Basel presentation style is inspired by art galleries. It was conceived especially for the show and was labelled “Generic Architecture Grand Basel Frame”. Each individual object (meaning each car) is placed into this generic frame. It reduced the environment to a minimum, channeling the full attention to the car. Another striking fact is that no marketing texts, logos or descriptions are placed around the objects whatsoever. The masterpieces talk for themselves and need neither decorations nor masks.

With this new concept, Grand Basel wants to create context from cars to art, design and architecture that has not been reached by other car shows yet. This was approached with an Advisory Board consisting of experts of various disciplines. To generate context, Grand Basel stimulates the audience to look at the automobile in a different light and to discuss. With the conscious minimization of background information, Grand Basel encourages the audience further to talk about the cars. In an interactive app, relevant information and stories about all exhibits of Grand Basel Can be found.

The experience of viewing cars at Grand Basel consists of three phases. First, the prominent, striking presentation of the car is almost overwhelming. Then, a change of perspectives occurs, making you focus on design, mobility and other practical thoughts. Finally, analytical aspects become more important. Cars are always hinting at the society, culture and state of world history during its design process. All in all, there is no better place to see cars than Grand Basel.

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