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These are the most exciting sports car tours in Europe

Monday, 9. April 2018 | Michelle Zumstein

The days are getting longer, it gets warmer and the first emerging grasses replace the last snow. These signs indicate that the spring is not far away. Springtime is the perfect time to sit behind a steering wheel of your favourite sports car and drive through the exciting roads of Europe’s mountain passes. We show you the most beautiful and exciting sports car tours in Europe.

1. Elite Supercar Tour Monaco: Switzerland – Monaco

The Elite Supercar Tour Monaco is the perfect trip for all sports car enthusiasts. The tour combines a mixture of five-star hotels, exquisite dining and a beautiful scenic route. The highlight is first-class hospitality at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The start of the Elite Supercar Tour Monaco is at the Park Hotel Vitznau in Switzerland. From this point you will drive with the sports car of your choice via France to Monaco. During the trip you will experience pure driving pleasure by passing well-known roads like the Sustenpass in Switzerland or the Red Rock Road in France.

During the whole journey you will stay in the most luxurious hotels and restaurants like the Park Hotel Vitznau in Switzerland or the Hotel Metropole in Monaco.

The Highlight of the Elite Supercar Tour Monaco is the exiting weekend at the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco. You have the choice to watch the grand prix from a yacht, the penthouse Ermanno or the Restaurant Marée. To round off this amazing sports car tour you can take a seat next to the F1 stars at the after party in the Amber Lounge. Get a quote for the Elite Supercar Tour Monaco now.

2. The Gourmet Tour by Edel & Stark: Bern – Zurich

With The Gourmet Tour you start a trip that combines beautiful landscapes, culture, culinary and thrill in a perfect ensemble.

The three-day tour starts in Bern, the historical capital of Switzerland. From Bern you will take the direction to Vallée de Joux. The valley Vallée de Joux is the international center of the watch industry. Breguet and Audemars Piquet are just some of the world-famous luxury watch manufacturers demonstrating their crafts in their factories in this charming valley. You have the opportunity to watch how these masterpieces are created.

After this great experience you can except an exciting ride through the roads of the Marchairuz mountain pass to reach the Lake Geneva and finally Montreux.

On the second day you can be excited about a picturesque mountain landscape and a journey with the ferry to cross the Lake Zurich. The trip continues via Gstaad to Zurich, where you will stay for the night. For dinner you have the pleasure to eat in one of the most traditionally restaurants in the city called “Oepfelchammere”. After the great meal, you have the opportunity to explore the pubs and clubs in this vibrant city to round off this culinary sports car tour. Get a quote for The Gourmet Tour now.

3. Top Gear Tour Stelvio Pass: Italy

The Top Gear Tour combines adrenaline, gourmet, luxury and sports cars to a perfect tour. The hairpin bends of the second highest pass of the Italian alps let the heart of every sports car enthusiast beat faster and guarantee a driving pleasure you never felt before.

The TV show Top Gear awarded the pass street of the Stevio Pass the most beautiful road of the world. It connects Bormio (Lombardy, Italy) with Prad (South Tyrol, Italy).

Edel & Stark offers you a sports car of your choice and leads you through the curvy roads of the mountain pass. Everything from the navigation to the lunch in a gourmet restaurant is organized by Edel & Stark. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything, simply sit behind the steering wheel and enjoy the beautiful trip in a sports car. Get a quote for the Top Gear Tour now.

4. Swiss Deluxe Hotel sports car tour: Lucerne – Chur

The Swiss Deluxe Hotel sports car tour by Edel & Stark combines three nights in Hotels from the Swiss Deluxe Hotel organization with exciting trips through beautiful swiss pass streets.

The tour starts with a night in the beautiful Park Hotel in Vitznau. After an extensive breakfast you will drive along the lake Lucerne in direction to the Muotathal. From this point you will cross the beautiful Pragelpass to Glarus. Driving through lovely mountain valleys you will reach the second hotel. The well-known Grand Hotel Quellenhof is the perfect place for all wellness lovers. Every room is equipped with a wellness bathroom and is provided with spring water from the Tamina spring.

After the cozy night in the Grand Hotel Quellenhof the trip will continue. Through the awarded Flüelapass you will reach St. Moritz. In this brisk mountain valley, you will enjoy your last night in the outstanding Hotel Kulm. The Hotel Kulm welcomes you in a warm atmosphere, which is handled since more than 100 years. The dinner in one of many luxury restaurants of the Hotel Kulm will round off your stay in St. Moritz.

The last day of the Swiss Deluxe Hotel sports car tour will be round off with the exiting trip over the Julierpass. Curvy roads and a breathtaking view make this trip a highlight. Finally, you will reach the historic mountain city Chur, which invites you to stay for a coffee or a walk through the city.

The Swiss Deluxe Hotel sports car tour can be booked with any of the 40 Swiss Deluxe Hotels. Let us know your favourites and we will be glad to put together an individual tour connecting them.

The Edel & Stark group is specialized to offer guided and individual sports car tours all over Europe. Get a quote for a sports car tour by Edel & Stark or a luxury car rental.

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