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1 Year E and S Luxury Car Rental LLC in Dubai!

Thursday, 26. April 2018 | Dominik Plüss

It's been one year since the E and S Luxury Car Rental LLC officially opened their office in Dubai. On this occasion, we take a look back on our achievements and a look towards the future. Heads up: We provide a limited 3 for 2 offer for the Mercedes G63 AMG!

1 Year E and S Luxury Car Rental LLC: 3 for 2 anniversary offer for the Mercedes G63 AMG!

To thank you for your loyalty, we set up a limited offer of 3 rental days for the price of 2 for the Mercedes G63 AMG! Profit from this exclusive offer and contact us at +97148851335 or uae@edelstark.com.

  • Price per day in Dubay: AED 1’700 incl. 150km / AED 2’210 incl. 300km
  • Deposit: AED 10’000
  • Additional kilometer: AED 11
  • Prices subject to 5% VAT
  • 24/7 free delivery
  • Salik taxes included

27.04.2017: Die Opening Ceremony

During the Launch of the E and S Luxury Car Rental LLC, our invited guests enjoyed test drives in our brand new fleet and discussed the market entry and upcoming events with our team, accompanied by exquisite snacks and music – a complete success.

Since then, the E and S Luxury Car Rental LLC offers the same oustanding services that the Edel & Stark Group has been providing all over Europe for years: Rental cars in immaculate conditions, Delivery to the airport, the hotel or to private addresses, One-Way-Bookings, multilingual support and more.

12.07.2017: Lanunch of our Oman Grand Tour

Never change a winning team: Corresponding to this slogan, we didn’t want to deny our guests in the Middle East the combination of sports cars, luxury hotels and gourmet culinary art. Therefore, we launched our first sports car tour in the UAE and Oman with the Oman Grand Tour. Big cities, curvy coastal roads, desert, mountainscapes and hospitality straight out of the Arabian Nights. You can experience all of this on the Oman Grand Tour.

Jebel Hafeet UAE

04.09.2017: Concierge-Interview with Roger Geadah, Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

It was our special honor to continue our successful background stories about hotel concierges in Dubai as well. The result was an interesting talk about the hotel industry in Dubai with Roger Geadah. Read about the countless possibilities for tourists in Dubai as well as the guests themselves in the city of superlatives in the Concierge Interview with Roger Geadah.

Roger Geadah

17.01.2018: Launch of our exclusive Dubai Golf Holidays

As an extension of our sports car tour portfolio, we launched the Dubai Golf Holidays: An exclusive combination of a sports car tour with golfing. This enables our guests to not only experience the power and comfort of luxury cars, but also to relax while golfing and staying at the best hotels in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Golf Holidays represent a premium all-round carefree package.

Future: 05.05.2018: 15 Minutes Lamborghini Huracán for 0!

In collaboration with the Mövenpick Ibn Battuta Gate, we offer an exclusive opportunity for spontaneous and adventurous guests. Get to know the benefits of our Lamborghini Huracán on a 15-minutes short trip! For this ride, you only pay 0 and can experiene for yourself what driving a supercar feels like. Do you like the feeling? Feel free to contact us after the drive for consequent bookings.

Lamborghini Huracán

Future: Big Ramadan offer

Profit from 20% discount on all our vehicles during all of the fasting month Ramadan. This promotion is valid from the 15.05.2018 until the 14.06.2018. Don’t miss out on this unique offer and book your car of choice at +97148851335 or uae@edelstark.com.

The E and S Luxury Car Rental LLC is looking forward to the next productive year in Dubai. We’ll glady welcome you in Dubai with our high service level and multilingual team that supports you in Dubai in English, Arabic, German and other languages.

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