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The wonderful grape harvest in Tuscany

Monday, 9. October 2017 | Michelle Zumstein

The winegrowing in Tuscany has a long tradition. The most important time is the autumn, when the grape harvest in Tuscany takes place.

The Tuscany and the wine
The history of winegrowing in Tuscany reaches back to the year 800 B.C. The Etruscans (antique people from Ertruria) began growing grapevines. However, the Romans took over the region and winegrowing came to a temporary stop. Only in the Middle Ages, monks began to revive it.

The most important grape variety are Sagniovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Trebbiano Toscano and Vernaccia die San Gimignano.

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The Tuscany and the grape harvest
The grape harvest in Tuscany takes places in the months of September and October. This is an ideal opportunity to visit the region. You should not miss out on the many events that are taking place all over the district. The residents celebrate the successful harvest at that time. Heartiness and openness are of great importance at these village fairs. Eating, drinking wine, singing and dancing await.

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It is difficult to acquire an overview over the various event about the grape harvest in Tuscany. Therefore, we gathered some of the most beautiful events for you below:

• Montaione (Firenze) – Sagra della Castagna e del Tartufo (Celebration of the chestnut and the truffle) – Last weekend of October
o Event where you can degust and buy various typical products. The fair is complemented with a lot of performances and entertainment.
• Montalcino (Siena) – Sagra del Tordo – Last Sunday of October
o With carousels and organized tournaments, the people remember the end of the hunting season. Venison and local wine, dance and singing in customes of the 19th century.
• Montieri (Siena) – Sagra della Castagna (Celebration of the chestnut)
o Typical culinary products can be degusted and bought.
• Certaldo Alto (Firenze) – Boccaccesca – Second week of October
o Culinary festival in the village of Giovanni Bocaccio (Italian writer).
• Monteriggioni (Siena) – Festa d’autunno (Autumn festival) – First Saturday and Sunday of October
o Festival in honor of grape harvest
• Mensano (Siena) – Festa della Vendemmia (Festival of grape harvet) – First weekend in October

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The Tuscany and the vineyards
Besides lavish celebrations, picture-perfect vineyards are also a part of the grape harvest in Tuscany. We have looked for some gems for you that offer especially pretty estates and vines:
• Podere La Casetta: Surrounded by forests and olive groves, Stefania and Alessandro Tognetti produce fruity Chianti wines.
• Gagliole: This vineyard is located close to Castellina in Chianti. Here, wine with centuries-old tradition is produced.
• Fattoria Terrabianca: The Swiss Roberto Guldener leads this vineyard. It spreads over an area of 125 hectares and features forests, hills and olive groves.
• Monteverro: Julian and Georg Weber, a couple of entrepreneurs from Munich, own this Southern vineyard. With their wine, they secured a place in the area of premium wines. Cabernet Suavignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot grapes are mainly planted. Patzella: On this vineyard, so-called Super-Tuscans are produced. These wines orient themselves on the large plants from Bordeaux and generally consist of French grapes.
• Pinino: The history of this vineyard reaches back to the 18th century. Today, it is led by two couples that want to advance to the level of the best vineyards in Italy.

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The Tuscany and the climate
Besides the grape harvest, the Tuscany has a lot to offer as well. The water temperature of the Mediterranean Sea is about 24 degrees on average. The beaches and the cities are not as crowded with tourists anymore, as the main season is over.

The surroundings shine in the most beautiful colors in the early autumn months and offers a gorgeous, picturesque Tuscany view. There are a lot of beautiful thermal springs in the region that are ideal to relax on rainy days.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the autumn months perfectly to indulge themselves in a timeout in the Tuscany. Thanks to pleasant temperatures, the season is ideal for hikes and biking trips.

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