Mobil-Apps for Luxury Cars

Luxury cars and their helpful mobile apps

Monday, 20. March 2017 | Dominik Plüss

Apps for smartphones have long become indispensable for our daily lives. Now, they make for enhanced comfort in sports cars and luxury limousines as well.

The ES Magazine has looked into the apps that luxury car manufacturers provide for their customers and what value they offer. And the variety is large!


Lamborghini offers a telemetry tool for the models Aventador and Huracán in Track & Play. It can be used to automatically measure the achieved lap time on the race track via GPS. During that process, braking and acceleration values, the location, videos and more are recorded. This data is provided by a separate control unit that has to be installed by a Lamborghini garage. This way, you can keep track of your performance on the race track at all time and can analyze it later.

If you don’t drive a Lamborghini, you can experience the driving pleasure of these extraordinary sports cars at least virtually. Readers of the LamboMAG can start the Lamborghini AR App at specially marked pages and like that directly access video sequences that match the articles. Augmented reality is the keyword that explains the fusion of the digital and the real world.


Even though the vehicles of Porsche always retain a hint of classic sports cars, even this manufacturer keeps up with the times. With Porsche Car Connect you own a remote control for your car. You can retrieve vehicle data, lock the car and more without sitting inside the car yourself. Furthermore, you can access apps on your iPhone through Apple CarPlay and synchronize calendar dates with your Porsche, inquire real-time traffic information and access music apps. The Porsche and the iPhone in perfect harmony.

Porsche Apple CarPlay


Mercedes also offers the possibility to remote control your vehicle: Mercedes me connect establishes a direct connection to your vehicle. This makes it possible to perform status requests concerning mileage, tire pressure and fuel level, block and deblock the doors as well as activate the auxiliary heating and ventilation.

Additionally, Mercedes also offers their customers the Mercedes-Benz Concierge Service, for example to help you find a restaurant nearby or to book a hotel room.

Mercedes me connect


The My Bentley App opens up various navigation functions as well as infotainment in the models Bentayga and Mulsanne. In the Mulsanne, you have the added option to use Smart Remote. All functions of the My Bentley App can be remotely controlled from the rear seats like this. Enjoy your chauffeured drive in a Bentley while still keeping the full control and overview.

Bentley GTC Mieten

Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce Connect provides you with news, a web radio and more. You can import destinations from your smartphone to navigate to and use local search engines. Keep your orientation on the road at all times with Rolls-Royce Connect.

Rolls Royce Wraith Mieten


Jaguar offers an innovative possibility of connecting your smartphone to your own vehicle with the InControl Apps. Vehicles that have the InControl hardware built in can be connected to your smartphone and can access a variety of apps there. Among others, you can access entertainment apps like Spotify, travel apps for weather, navigation, parking space search, hotel search and news. The advantage is, that you can use native apps of the smartphones instead of having to use completely new ones.

Furthermore, Jaguar also provides a Race Track-App called ReRun. It saves recordings taken with a GoPro that you can mount on the engine hood of your Jaguar. While at it, the app also tracks telemetry data you can analyze later on.

Jaguar InControl Apps
Bild von Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.

Range Rover

As Range Rover belongs to the Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. as well, the same InControl Apps are offered like Jaguar does. Therefore, you can profit from the same variety of entertainment possibilities, information and useful tools in a Range Rover.

Range Rover InControl Apps
Bild von Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.


Maserati takes a different approach with their Service-App. They offer a manual with illustrated explanations for various features and controls of the vehicle, information about past services on the car, Maserati dealers close-by as well as an integrated customer service. It is obvious that Maserati is strongly focused on the vehicle itself rather than the entertainment elements around it.

Maserati GranCabrio Mieten

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