Privatjet Charter

What do I have to know about international private jet rental?

Thursday, 2. February 2017 | Dominik Plüss

The Team Aviation Services by Edel & Stark makes flexible and individual transportation with a private jet possible – straightforward and easy.

What are the advantages of Private Jet Charter?

In our globalized world, international business relations are a daily routine for a long time now. To manage these relations as efficiently as possible, Private Jet Charter with Edel & Stark is the perfect way. It facilitates flexible mobility on demand while preserving your privacy and guaranteeing you to keep your appointments. Thanks to dedicated private jet terminals, you can skip long queues at the check in as well as at the security check. Private jets can approach smaller airports than airliners. Therefore, you can land centrally and reach your destination quicker.

Privatjet Charter

Why should I charter a private jet with Edel & Stark?

Edel & Stark offers worldwide flights in private jets. We take care of planning your journey, from the organization of the flight to the reception at the airport and to the transfer to your hotel or congress center in a chauffeured limousine.

Our services include a broad choice of luxurious business jets of various sizes for worldwide use. No matter if you want to fly to a meeting with your management team, surprise your partner with a weekend in Paris or travel to a holiday destination with your family, we offer a suiting private jet for groups of every size.

How exactly does the booking process of Private Jet Charter look like?

To illustrate the course of a private jet charter in a more detailed way, we present two examples of customers that have previously chartered a flight with Edel & Stark:

Private Jet Charter for business trips

For a business meeting in Paris, a businessman from Munich and his partner chartered a flight with us. For two people, we offered the reliable Entry Level Jet Citation Mustang. With a capacity of four passengers, it is exceptionally well suited for shorter flights in a luxurious and private atmosphere. The return flight was carried out only one day later, for the whole journey we billed 8’900 Euro. At the Munich Airport, we welcomed the two gentlemen with a name board to guide them to the General Aviation Terminal afterwards, where flights are handled that are not part of the regular service. The jet departed without delays and the businessmen could reach their meeting in time.

Citation Mustang

In Paris, they profited from landing at the centrally located airport Paris-Le Bourget, which is more conveniently situated than the bigger airport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle. Le Bourget is the preferred private jet airport for all Paris travellers.

Private Jet Charter for leisure trips

Six friends from Zurich wanted to spend a weekend in London last December. Therefore, they contacted us and we offered them the great Midsize Jet Learjet 60. This aircraft is very fast and efficient, up to eight passengers can comfortably enjoy flights in Europe in it. For the two flights on Friday and Sunday, the paid 19’900 Euro. We welcomed the group at the Zurich Airport with a nameboard, took their luggage off and guided them to the Business Aviation area of the airport. The handling was carried out quickly and they could depart on time.

In London, they landed at TAG Farnborough Airport. This airport is featured in many British movies, including James Bond “A Quantum of Solace”. It is also home of the annual Farnborough Air Show one of the biggest shows of its kind. The return flight was carried out smoothly and on time as well. A successful shopping trip before Christmas!


The Team Aviation Services by Edel & Stark is looking forward to organizing your journey in a Private Jet as well. Call us at +41 62 295 15 15 or send an email to to profit from our individual service tailored to fit your needs.

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