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Luxury car registrations content

Friday, 15. December 2017

Differences on the luxury car market between Germany and Switzerland

Which luxury cars from which brands are registered the most? The differences on the luxury car market between Germany and Switzerland

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Origins of the Maserati Ghibli

Monday, 11. December 2017

The Origins of the Maserati Ghibli in the Sixties

The Origins of the Maserati Ghibli are astonishing- in the sixties, the car was not similar to the elegant limousine of today at all.

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McLaren 720S Side

Monday, 30. October 2017

Rent a McLaren 720S: Perfection in the Shape of a Supercar

With the McLaren 720S, a new era of supercars becomes reality. The 720S surpasses boundaries of what has been possible until now. Rent it exclusively at Edel & Stark now.

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Car Rental Assocation of Switzerland

Thursday, 1. June 2017

Edel & Stark is member of the Car Rental Association of Switzerland

The Car Rental Association of Switzerland represents the largest Swiss car rental companies as an important authority. The association gives advice about recent developments and laws.

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Top Gear Tour Stilfser Joch

Friday, 26. May 2017

Pure driving pleasure on the Top Gear Tour Stelvio Pass

The Top Gear Tour Stelvio Pass combines hairpin turns and adrenaline with sports cars and gourmet pleasures. The sports car tour par excellence awaits.

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Eröffnung E and S Luxury Car Rental LLC

Monday, 1. May 2017

Spectacular opening event of our new branch in Dubai

With test drives in a Lamborghini, a showcase of exclusive car rarities and stimulating discussions, our office in the UAE was inaugurated.

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Langzeitmiete oder Leasing

Wednesday, 29. March 2017

The pros and cons of long term car rental vs. leasing

Longer car rentals are ideal for temporary stays abroad or at a temporary workplace. The decision between long term rental and leasing is very important.

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Privatjet Charter

Thursday, 2. February 2017

What do I have to know about international private jet rental?

The Team Aviation Services by Edel & Stark makes flexible and individual transportation with a private jet possible – straightforward and easy.

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SUV mieten Range Rover

Wednesday, 4. January 2017

The best winterproof SUVs for a drive through European landscapes

You want to travel through winter in a save and classy way? Absolutely no problem if you rent an SUV with Edel & Stark.

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Dubai Road Content

Friday, 23. December 2016

What do I need to know about luxury car hire in Dubai?

Driving a car in foreign cities or countries isn’t always easy. The ES Magazine provides a helpful guide so you know exactly how to rent a car in Dubai.

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Mercedes AMG GT R Front

Friday, 21. October 2016

The new Mercedes AMG GT R

Edel & Stark had the exclusive opportunity to attend the presentation of the new Mercedes top-of-the-line model. In the ES Magazine, we present that car.

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Saturday, 21. May 2016

The ideal cars for family holidays after Ramadan

The weeks after Ramadan are perfectly suited for holidays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Pleasant summer temperatures and countless places of interest are waiting to be discovered!

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Frühlingsgefühle in den schönsten Cabriolets

Friday, 22. April 2016

Spring fever in the most beautiful convertibles

Once the plants start blooming again after winter and the sun warms both the landscapes and our minds, we are looking forward to road trips in a convertible again.

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Security for children in the car

Thursday, 7. April 2016

Road safety for kids

Road safety is an essential aspect of driving a car. Specifically for kids, it’s important to be secured correctly at all times. We have prepared an overview about what regulations you have to respect concerning the security of children in traffic.

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