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The Golfing Experience Tours designed by Edel & Stark include golfing pleasure on the green, driving pleasure on the road and the intoxication of speed. According to the theme „Drive like a king – golf like an emperor“ you will experience an unforgettable journey.

It is well known that Golfing is not just a sport, it is a feeling and a life style – just as our luxury cars. You are spoilt for choice here: We provide a northern tour and a southern route. It is a difficult decision, so why not try both!?

Experience the North of the country – by driving and by golfing

Start your journey in your high-class vehicle provided by Edel & Stark near the old city of Lüneburg. From here the route takes you right across Germany at highspeed in direction of Hannover. Your destination is near Berlin.

A mix of challenging route sections and „off limit“ high speed sections on the german motorway awaits you.

This tour takes you from one top-class golfing spot to the other. You will experience the longest golfing spot in Europe, and get to know a spot designed by golfing legend Arnold Palmer, a must for golfers. Every day you get to play on a different one of the most popular golfing spots in Germany, as for example the winners course of the GALA-Award which is also one of the best Spa-Resorts in Europe. You will be playing on the Lower Saxony-Course and get to strike off on the only spot in Germany that is designed by Nick Faldo. What more could the heart of a golfer ask for?

Plus, your residences are just as top-class as the golfing spots, and where possible, they are in immediate proximity to the golf course.

We are happy to inform you extensively about dates, locations and individual arrangements any time. A quick call or email is sufficient.

Southern Course

Like the north, the south of Germany also attracts pilots, golf-addicts and gourmets. From western Germany your tour takes you through the centre of the country in direction of Bavaria. You will be flying past lovely landscapes and appealing areas with plenty of horsepower beneath you. At some times you will be invited to stay for a while.

The only halts on your racy journey will be the daily golfing highlights. You will be playing on handpicked top-class facilities. Which means you will get the chance to experience the jewel boxes of two german business tycoons, and strike off on other top-ten-spots in front of the beautiful panorama of the Alps. Additionally you will pay a visit to the biggest golfing school in the world and play in Europes biggest golfing and spa resort in eastern Bavaria. The last stop on your tour will be a top-5-spot in beautiful Franconia.

You will be accomodated in hotels with 4* and more und will be served dinner by an advancing head chef who was awarded a Michelin-Star in 2008.

Did we catch your interest? We are happy to inform you extensively about dates, locations and individual arrangements at any time and are looking forward to your phone calls or email- inquiries.

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