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Driving holidays in Europe and the United Arab Emirates

So you simply want to zoom through the area with an extraordinary vehicle? No problem.

So that your tour does not become a “obstacle course tour”, we take care of everything for you. Our charming tour guides will always attempt to make the impossible possible for you. The most secret locations? We will not just bring you there, we will bring you inside. Visit the best-known department stores in giant metropolises for shopping at midnight. Experience the exciting flair of the best clubs. Combine your travel route with history and culture – nothing is impossible!

"Small" gifts...
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Excite and create loyalty among your customers, motivate employees with a luxurious gift, a luxury car for temporary usage. Reward outstanding performance with an unforgettable presence.

Sports car tours in Germany

Top Tour Munich - Prag - Munich, Mozart meets Königsallee, Bavarian Forest or Golfing Tour

Sports car tours in Switzerland

Five Lakes Tour, Enjoyable Tour, Zurich - St. Moritz - Zermatt

Sports Cars Tours in the United Arab Emirates

The exciting Oman Grand Tour: Dubai - Wahiba Sands - Dschabal Akhdar Plateau - Dschabal Hafeet - Dubai

Sports car tours in France

Imagine your personal tour in France and we support you with ideas.

Bespoke sports car tours

Tell us what you would like to visit and we prepare the bespoke sports car tour for you!

TOPGEAR tour Passo di Stelvio

The Stelvio Pass promises pure adrenaline - rent a luxury car provided by Edel & Stark and enjoy a unique driving experience.

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