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Rent a Mercedes-Benz at Zurich Airport with outstanding services

Mercedes is synonymous for a long tradition of the highest automobile art Made in Germany. Technological refinements, luxury and comfort merge into a unified whole. Thanks to the wide variety of models, Mercedes has a suitable car for everyone when it comes to transfers from Zurich Airport. Get a quote for Mercedes rental in Zurich Airport now.

Rent Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Zurich Airport

With 557 hp and a top speed of 319 km/h, the Mercedes GT C Roadster offers everything you would expect from a full-blooded sports car. With the AMG GT C, the ride from Zurich Airport is fulfilled with a lot of driving pleasure.

Rent Mercedes-AMG GT S Zurich Airport

This sparkling sports car combines sportiness with a lot of comfort. The Mercedes AMG GT S turns your drive from Zurich Airport into pure driving pleasure.

Rent Mercedes E Class Zurich Airport

The Mercedes E-Class is distinguished by its noble and sporty appearance. This luxury car guarantees a stylish appearance at Zurich Airport, as well as a lot of driving pleasure when transferring to your destination.

Rent Mercedes GLE Coupé Zurich Airport

The Mercedes GLE Coupé is a fusion of an all-terrain vehicle and a coupé. The elegant elements of the coupé combined with the characteristics of an off-road vehicle enable a comfortable and stylish journey from Zurich Airport.

Rent Mercedes GLS Zurich Airport

The Mercedes GLS combines comfort and sportiness in one vehicle. The luxurious off-road vehicle is therefore perfectly suited for the transfer of the whole family from Zurich airport.

Rent Mercedes G63 AMG Zurich Airport

The Mercedes G63 AMG stands out for its extravagant appearance and enables safe driving in all road conditions. With this all-terrain vehicle you will attract all eyes at Zurich Airport.

Rent Mercedes G 500 4x4 Squared Zurich Airport

The Mercedes G 500 4x4 Squared combines the characteristics of an off-road vehicle with a lot of luxury. With this extravagant luxury car, you travel comfortably and conspicuously from Zurich airport.

Rent Mercedes SL Zurich Airport

The Mercedes SL combines iconic sports car tradition with the latest technologies. With this beautiful sports car you can discover Switzerland from Zurich airport with a lot of driving fun and comfort.

Rent Mercedes S 500 Zurich Airport

The Mercedes S500 conveys style, elegance and luxury. Elegant design, a lot of power and a voluminously equipped interior ensure a lot of comfort and driving pleasure when transferring from Zurich Airport.

Rent Mercedes S Class Zurich Airport

The advantages of the Mercedes S-Class combined with the great features of a convertible make the Mercedes S-Class Convertible even more versatile. This noble convertible guarantees a stylish appearance at Zurich Airport.

Rent Mercedes V Class Zurich Airport

The Mercedes V-Class is a minivan of the extra class. The spacious interior can accommodate up to eight people and is therefore perfect for family or business trips from Zurich Airport.

Zurich Airport is centrally located, making it the perfect arrival point for your trip to Switzerland. From Zurich you can reach all the important cities of the country in a very short time and thanks to the exclusive Welcome Service by Edel & Stark your arrival will be stress-free. Immediately after your arrival you can take delivery of your Mercedes and drive off. Get a quote for a Mercedes in Zurich Airport.

In addition to flourishing cities such as Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Berne, Switzerland also offers beautiful mountain scenery. For that reason, every person will find a suitable place to stay, no matter if you prefer exciting city trips or relaxed journeys. Thanks to the short distances you can reach the important places in only a short time and therefore a car is the perfect transfer solution in Switzerland. Rent a Mercedes to discover Switzerland from Zurich Airport safely and comfortably.

Zurich is only a 15 minutes drive away from the airport. Switzerland's largest city offers a wide range of leisure activities and is characterised by its lake side location. The Widder Hotel is located directly in the historic old town of Zurich and welcomes you in a private atmosphere. The entire ambience is characterized by style, art and classic modernity in which you will be spoiled with creative delicacies. With a Mercedes you can reach the Hotel Widder in style. Get a quote for a Mercedes in Zurich Airport.

Rent a Mercedes-Benz in Zurich Airport.

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