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Luxury car rental at Zurich Airport with Edel & Stark

Zurich Airport is a central hub of Switzerland and therefore is a perfect starting point for your business or leisure trip. Luxury car rental at Zurich Airport makes for an ideal arrival in Switzerland. No queues or complicated forms: 10 minutes after meeting us at the Arrival, you can drive off. Get a quote for a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Maserati and more at Zurich Airport.

Rent an Aston Martin at Zurich Airport

You like travelling goal-oriented and in style? Rent a Maserati directly at the Airport Zurich and be a step ahead of anyone else.

Rent an Audi at Zurich Airport

Rent an Audi Q7 at Zurich Airport to transport your family and luggage comfortably or rent an Audi R8 V10 for a sleek ride.

Rent a Bentley at Zurich Airport

Start your journey in Switzerland with class: no matter if chauffeured or self-driven, our Bentley at Zurich Airport are ready for you.

Rent a Ferrari at Zurich Airport

Let us take care of your luggage and let us guide you to your red travel companion: Ferrari rental directly at the Airport Zurich.

Rent a Lamborghini at Zurich Airport

Are you travelling light and independent? Get into a Lamborghini at Zurich Airport and enjoy the freedom.

Rent a Maserati at Zurich Airport

Did you arrive in Zurich for an important business meeting or are you invited to a gala dinner? Then, our range of Maserati at Zurich Airport is perfect for you.

Rent a Mercedes-Benz at Zurich Airport

Are you looking for a chauffeured transfer to your hotel in a Mercedes S Class or for a spacious Mercedes V Class directly at the Airport Zurich? We've got you covered.

Rent a Porsche at Zurich Airport

Our broad range of Porsches at the Airport Zurich is perfect for businessmen, families and thrill seekers alike.

Rent a Range Rover at Zurich Airport

Are you looking to relax after a long flight to Zurich Airport? Enjoy the quiet, comfortable luxury of a Range Rover.

Rent Rolls Royce Zurich Airport

Rent a Rolls Royce at Zurich Airport

High-end luxury limousines for rent directly at the Airport Zurich. No matter if chauffeured or self-driven, Rolls Royce stands for highest luxury and driving comfort.

Travel recommendations for Zurich Airport

From the airport, you can reach Zurich with a car in only 15 minutes. We welcome our customers in the arrival area with a nameboard, assist you with your luggage and guide you directly to your rental car. No waiting time, no tedious filling out of forms: Land at Zurich Airport and drive off in an exclusive luxury car a few minutes later. That is the exclusive Welcome Service by Edel & Stark at the Airport Zurich.

Mercedes S Klasse Mieten Zürich Flughafen

Mercedes V Klasse Mieten Zürich Flughafen

Ferrari 488 GTB Mieten Zürich Flughafen

Hotel recommendations for Zurich Airport

If you are arriving in Zurich late at night or depart very early in the morning, airport hotels are a comfortable and easy way to spend the night. The Radisson Blu Hotel offers direct access to the airport, sparing you a transfer by taxi or train - you can just walk from the hotel to your terminal. The Hilton Zürich Airport is only five minutes away and spoils you with a fitness center, shuttle service and more.

Luxusauto Mieten Zürich Flughafen

Luxusauto Mieten Zürich Flughafen

Luxusauto Mieten Zürich Flughafen

Restaurant recommendations for Zurich Airport

The on-board catering in airplanes is not exactly known to be world-class. If you are looking for a proper meal after your flight, there are some good possibilities close-by. Among them is the Horizon10 Restaurant at Hilton Hotel with an incredible panoramic view as well as classic Swiss and international dishes. An extraordinary experience is dining at Restaurant Runway 34. The dishes are served around an Ilyushin 14, a Soviet cargo transportation aircraft and the tables are labelled with destinations instead of numbers. A true flight dining experience on the ground!

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes

Schweizer Rösti


Rent your fitting luxury car in Zurich Airport


Rent a luxury car in Zurich Airport.


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