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Hardly any other country combines breathtaking landscapes, multicultural aspects, modern infrastructure and a strong economy as easily as Switzerland does. Thanks to short distances, you can reach the main cities Geneva, Zurich, Berna and other cities in only a few hours. Luxury Car Rental in Switzerland is the perfect means of transportation. Get a quote for luxury car rental in Switzerland now.

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Our fleet in Switzerland

Rent Aston Martin Switzerland 

Rent an Aston Martin in Switzerland

The world-famous events like Baselworld or Geneva International Motorshow can best be reached in a car just as elegant - for example an Aston Martin.


Rent Audi Switzerland 

Rent an Audi in Switzerland

Are you looking for a reliable companion for the city traffic in Switzerland and trips in the surroundings? Audi rental in Switzerland is your solution.


Rent Bentley Switzerland 

Rent a Bentley Switzerland

Are you used to exclusivity? Don't go without it in Switzerland. We have a range of Bentleys to rent in Switzerland ready.


Rent Ferrari Switzerland 

Rent a Ferrari in Switzerland

Switzerland is located close to the German border. If you want to experience the German Autobahn in a Ferrari, you can reach it in about one hour.



Rent Lamborghini Switzerland 

Rent a Lamborghini in Switzerland

Trips to the close-by Germany or France turn into an outright pleasure with the powerful sports cars of  Lamborghini in Switzerland.


Rent Maserati Switzerland 

Rent a Maserati in Switzerland

Italian vehicles are not only racy. Elevate your stay in Switzerland with the typical elegance of Maserati.



Rent Mercedes Switzerland 

Rent a Mercedes-Benz in Switzerland

Would you like to go on an extensive shopping trip or have a professional limousine at your disposal in Switzerland? Our Mercedes fleet in Switzerland covers all your needs.


Rent Porsche Switzerland 

Rent a Porsche in Switzerland

The classic sports cars by Porsche are compact, agile and sporty - ideal for a modern country like Switzerland.



Rent Range Rover Switzerland 

Rent a Range Rover in Switzerland

Would you like to provide your family with a comfortable and exclusive ride or did you bring lots of luggage? Range Rover rental in Switzerland is your perfect solution.



Rent Rolls Royce Switzerland

Rent a Rolls Royce in Switzerland

No matter if gourmet dinner, wedding or elegant trip: Rolls Royce offers the most exclusive limousines in Switzerland.

Cities and Sights

Switzerland is characterized by the diverse landscapes as well as the very different cities. In Ticino, Swiss hospitality stands for outstanding wines and regional specialties inspired by the Italian cuisine. The western Switzerland, prominently featuring the Lake Geneva and Lake Neuchâtel, features widely open fields and the French charm guarantees unforgettable experiences.

The vibrant cities of the German part of Switzerland like Zurich, Basel or Bern offer exhilarating shopping streets and small alleys are inviting for a relaxing stroll. Enjoy a chauffeured drive along Lake Zurich in a limousine by Bentley and indulge in the panoramic view with a glass of champagne.

Edel & Stark provides luxury car rental in Switzerland and in cities like Zurich, Zurich Airport, Geneva, Geneva Airport, Basel, Bern, St. Moritz, Gstaad, 4 Valleys, Andermatt, Crans-Montana, Davos, Klosters or Verbier. Rent a car for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Geneva International Motor Show or Baselworld.


Zürich Altstadt

Sportautotour Lamborghini

Landscapes and Streets

The landscape of Switzerland consists of gorgeous mountain sceneries, many lively lakes and rivers as well as exciting mountain pass roads connecting countless valleys in the Alps. Internationally known pass roads include the Flüela Pass from Davos to Susch. It is classified as one of the 25 most beautiful mountain passes in the world. The Furka Pass has a lot in store for sports car lovers. In the classic «Goldfinger», Sean Connery cruises down the streets of the Furka Pass as James Bond. The pass connects the cantons Valais and Uri and passes the Rhône Glacier.

The Edel & Stark Group combines luxury and fun with the unique roads of Switzerland and offers organized sports car tours that allow you to relaxedly enjoy the amenities of Switzerland in a dream car. Did we spark your interest? Choose your perfect sports car tour here.

The streets are not the only thing turning Switzerland into an exciting travel destination. Visiting the versatile wonders of nature is well worth the time, too. One of the most famous sights are the Rhine Falls at Neuhausen. There, you have the possibility to stand on top of the highest free waterfall of Europe and to feel the power of the water on your skin.

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