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The Nice Airport is located very close to the city of the same name and therefore forms the ideal starting point for a business or leisure trip. Luxury car rental in Nice Airport is the best way to dive into this adventure and explore the French Riviera.

The Nice Airport is situated only 7 kilometers to the west of Nice on the French Riviera. It is the third largest airport of the country handling around 12 million people per year. Contrary to most other airports, pasengers enjoy a spectacular landing using visual flight here as the airport is located on an artifically built peninsula. Nice Airport also serves as airport for the Principality of Monaco. The city state is reached with a helicopter link. Rent a luxury car in Nice Airport to exploit all awaiting possibilities in the region ideally.

Once landed at the airport, you can just lean back: an employee of Edel & Stark will take care of your luggage and will lead you to your dream car already waiting for you. No matter if Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini, Range Rover or Maserati, we have them all. Get in your car and start your business or leisure trip completely relaxed, be it in a racy sports car or in a classy limousine. Luxury car rental in Nice Airport.

Take a look at our large choice of luxury cars to rent in Nice Airport.

Rent Aston Martin Nice Airport

Rent an Aston Martin in Nice Airport

The royal look of Aston Martin matches this dynamic airport perfectly.

Rent Bentley Nice Airport

Rent a Bentley in Nice Airport

Bentley's British elegance matches this dynamic airport outstandingly.

Rent Ferrari Nice Airport

Rent a Ferrari in Nice Airport

A classy entrance in Nice is guaranteed with the Italian elegance of Ferrari.

Rent Lamborghini Nice Airport

Rent a Lamborghini in Nice Airport

The imposing impression of Lamborghini will get you a lot of attention on the streets of Nice.

Rent Land Rover Nice Airport

Rent a Land Rover in Nice Airport

Comfortable and luxurious transportation in the city is provided by the outstanding SUVs by Land Rover.

Rent Maserati Nice Airport

Rent a Maserati in Nice Airport

Maserati doesn't only offer elegant curves but also impressive engine power for short trips in the Nice area.

Rent Mercedes-Benz Nice Airport

Rent a Mercedes-Benz in Nice Airport

The high-quality range of Mercedes-Benz reaches from sports cars to limousines to mini-vans.

Rent Porsche Nice Airport

Rent a Porsche in Nice Airport

The classic sports cars by Porsche are a safe choice and promise great driving pleasure.

Rent a luxury car in Nice Airport.


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