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Mercedes synonymus to a long tradition of highest automotive art Made in Germany. No matter if you are looking for a shopping trip in the city, a business transfer or a drive in the surroundings of Munich, Mercedes has the perfect companion for you. Get a quote for Mercedes Rental in Munich now.

Rent Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Munich

Rent a Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster in Munich

The AMG GT C Roadster offers 557 HP and a top speed of 319 km/h, therefore beeing a full-blooded soprtrs car. With this high-performance AMG, nothing stands in the way of pure driving pleasure around Munich.

Rent Mercedes-AMG GT S Munich

Rent a Mercedes-AMG GT S in Munich

The Mercedes-AMG GT S is the second independently manufactured car by AMG and convinces through highest quality standards. This lively car suits Munich perfectly.

Rent Mercedes E Class Munich

Rent a Mercedes E Class in Munich

The Mercedes E Class is modern, cultivated, elegant and powerful. It's a perfect business car for the city of Munich.

Rent Mercedes GLE Coupé Munich

Rent a Mercedes GLE Coupé in Munich

The Mercedes GLE Coupé is a fusion of SUV and Coupé. Therefore, the best of both worlds come together: power, performance, comfort and a spacious interior.

Rent Mercedes GLS Munich

Rent a Mercedes GLS in Munich

The Mercedes GLS is an extraordinary SUV. No matter if you are on family holidays in Munich or tend to travel with a lot of luggage for other reasen, the GLS offers a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Rent Mercedes G63 AMG Munich

Rent a Mercedes G63 AMG in Munich

The Mercedes G63 AMG is iconic for its extravagant look as well as its spacious interior. With this bold SUV, your journey in Munich gets a fun side.

Rent Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared Munich

Rent a Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared in Munich

The Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared is the right way of driving a G Class. The enormous appearance, the extremely bold interior and it's unmatched off-road capabilities turn this monster into a true eye catcher in Munich.


Rent Mercedes SL Munich

Rent a Mercedes SL in Munich

The Mercedes SL combines sports car traditions with new technologies in a car that was built for pure driving pleasure, for example in an around Munich.


Rent Mercedes S500 Munich

Rent a Mercedes S500 in Munich

The Mercedes S Class is the perfect example of an elegant business car. The generously designed interior is comfortable and inviting. Thanks to its overall elegant appearance, the Mercedes S Class is an impressive limousine for Munich.

Rent Mercedes S Class Convertible Munich

Rent a Mercedes S Class Convertible in Munich

The luxury of an S Class combined with the advantages of a convertible result in this marvelous open-top limousine for versatile drives in Munich.

Rent Mercedes V Class Munich

Rent a Mercedes V Class in Munich

The Mercedes V Class is an exceptional minivan, offering space for up to 8 passengers. However, you don't have to pass on the elegance and style of other Mercedes cars - the interior is spacious and stylish and the vehicle is perfect for airport transfers or family drives in Munich.

The range of Mercedes reaches from bold SUVS to classy limousines and offers something for everyone on the highest quality. With a Mercedes, you can experience both thrilling drives around Munich as well as elegant appearances at renowned addresses in Munich. Rent a Mercedes in Munich.

Munich is Bavaria's capital and, after Berlin, the second most visited location in Germany. Despite the size of the city, Munich has not lost it's village charm. Therefore, the city is also know as "largest village in the world". Besides a lot of culture, Munich also offers tasty restaurants and it-bars like the Blue Spa Terrace. The bar features a Mediterranean flair and breathtaking views over Munich's rooftops. Here, relax from an exciting day in Munich. With a Mercedes, you can comfortably reach the Blue Spa Terrace. Rent a Mercedes in Munich.

Besides the busy city life, Munich's surroundings are full of pretty landscapes and charming towns. Among these is the Zugspitze, highest mountain top in Germany. It is located two hours away from Munich. Besides the observation platform AlpspiX that offers a perfect view on the alps, you can indulge in culinary specialties in the newly openend Panorama 2962, a restaurant with an altitude of almost 3000 Meter over sea. Reach the valley station of the Zugspitze easily in a Mercedes. Rent a Mercedes GLS for a comfortable drive to the Zugspitze or rent a Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster to reach the Blue Spa Terrace. Rent a Mercedes in Munich.

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