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Italy is a beautiful country in Southern Europe. Together with Greece, it is known as the birthplace of Western culture. Not surprisingly, it is also home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and historical cities in the world. Travel the country with a luxury car by Edel & Stark and enjoy a drive on the curvy roads of Italy. Get a quote for luxury car rental in Italy now

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Cities and Sights

Italy can look back on a long history, that has been shaping the country until the present day. Many cultural aspects and building of Italy date back to the Renaissance, Baroque and the Classicism and characterize the country. Italy is a culinary treasure. The Italian cuisine offers something for everyone and is full of Mediterranean flavours and fresh ingredients. Romantic restaurants along the coastlines and in the vivid towns invite guests to stay and complement the culinary experience.

If you are interested in architecture and art, Italy is your place to be. The Tuscan capital Florence features the highest concentration of acknowledged works of art in the world. Visiting the capital Rome or Venice is worth it as well. Italy definitely lives up to its nickname Bel Paese (most beautiful country).

No matter where you are planning to go in Italy, Edel & Stark has a fitting luxury car for you in their fleet. Edel & Stark provides luxury car rental in Germany and in cities like Bologna, Florence, MilanPisa, Rome, Turin, Venice oder Gröden.

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Landscapes and Streets

Besides historical cities, Italy also features precious landscapes. The country is characterized by a mild climate with a diverse flora. Besides gorgeous coastal areas, agricultural terrain is common as well. There, you can find countless vineyards and lavender fields that give the landscape a unique touch.

If you like it rough, you can find primal mountains like the Dolomites that provide picturesque panoramic views with their rosy granite rocks and mountain tops covered in summery wildflowers.

Top Gear by BBC elected the Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy the best mountain pass road in Europe. Get a quote for our Top Gear tour by Edel & Stark now.

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