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Rent a Ferrari in Dubai with outstanding services

Ferrari's iconic sports cars are an inherent part of Dubai's cityscape. The striking red color and the powerful engine fit this city perfectly. Get a quote for Ferrari rental in Dubai.


Rent Ferrari 488 GTB Dubai

Rent a Ferrari 488 GTB in Dubai

The Ferrari 488 GTB is a classic, temporary Ferrari. With its aggressive air inlets, a mighty soundscape and a powerful engine, it's the perfect vehicle for a drive through the streets of Dubai.

Rent Ferrari 488 Spider Dubai

Rent Ferrari 488 Spider in Dubai

Enjoy even more freedom with the convertible version of the 488 GTB: The Ferrari 488 Spider stands for driving pleasure in Dubai and its surroundings.

Rent Ferrari 812 Superfast Dubai

Rent a Ferrari 812 Superfast in Dubai

The strongest serial-produced street-legal Ferrari features 800 HP and therefore stands among the best supercars ever. The Ferrari 812 Superfast attracts attention even in Dubai.

The car-loving city of Dubai is perfect for a Ferrari. The lines of the Sheikh-Zayed-Road are pleasant to drive and if you are feeling like it, you can access desert areas quickly. Get to know Dubai and its fascinating surroundings in an exciting Ferrari. Rent a Ferrari in Dubai.

Due to relatively long distances and rather high temperatures, cars are the preferred means of transportation in Dubai. Driving on the Sheikh-Zayed-Road is a unique experience of its own. If you want to explore the cultural sides of the metropolis, we recommend visiting the Heritage Museum. There, you can park the Ferrari and take an Abra (traditional small boat) to the Gold and Spices Souq. These old markets are a must-see in Dubai and offer insights into the city's everyday life. On your way back, you can enjoy nice sights on the Jumeirah Beach Road. Rent a Ferrari in Dubai.

If you fancy a longer ride, we recommend a daytrip to the desert resort Bab Al Shams. About one hour's drive away from Dubai, this jewel welcomes you with Arabian Nights-style hospitality. Enjoy the drive in your powerful Ferrari and spoil yourself with the amenities of the desert resort. On the next day, you can either return to day or drive another hour further south to Abu Dhabi. Rent a Ferrari 488 GTB to explore the city of Dubai or rent a Ferrari 488 Spider to enjoy a trip to Bab Al Shams. Rent a Ferrari in Dubai.

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Rent a Ferrari in Dubai.


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