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Audi is one of the most popular German car brands following their philosophy of ‘Ahead through technology’ since 1909. The brand sets first-class standards in reliability, luxury, and progressive designs. Get a quote for Audi rental in Dubai now.

Rent Audi Dubai 

Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 combines elegance of a four-door luxury coupe with the versatility of an SUV. The futuristic shape of the vehicle fits perfectly onto the modern roads of Dubai.

Rent Audi R8 Dubai

Audi R8

This V10 sports car is the perfect mid-range supercar for Dubai’s streets. Its performance is outstanding and guaranteed to turn heads.

Rent Audi R8 Convertible Dubai

Audi R8 Spyder

The Audi R8 Cabrio combines the characteristics of the coupé with the advantages of a convertible and thus enables a versatile use. With an Audi R8 Cabriolet you attract all eyes in Dubai and experience pure driving pleasure while driving over Sheikh Zayed Road.

Rent Audi A6 Dubai

Audi A6

The Audi A6 is the ultimate mid-sized luxury sedan experience, perfectly suited to arrive at your next meeting with, and to cruise around the streets of Dubai.

The reliable vehicles of Audi are ideally suited for Dubai. Audi rental in Dubai is not only a pleasure for sports car enthusiasts, but also delights families and business travellers.

The Audi R8 is the perfect choice for a drive outside of the city of Dubai, into more mountainous terrain which allows the feel of the car’s powerful engine. Take the sports car to an escape into the idyllic mountain range of Fujairah or the adventurous terrain of Ras Al Khaimah, areas where Edel & Stark also offers one-day driving tours. Take a shorty break from the bustling city life, drive through mountain passes and desert landscapes, and enjoy a relaxing day in an Audi to rent in Dubai.

The more elegant vehicles of Audi are perfectly suited for the city. With an Audi Q8, you are well equipped for a shopping tour to the Dubai Mall or Mall of Emirates, and the Audi A6 brings you comfortably to the spectacular sights of the city such as the Dubai Miracle Garden. Rent an Audi R8  to enjoy a drive to one of the many mountain peaks such as the Hajar mountain range in the East or Jebel Jais in the north, or rent an Audi Q8 for a comfortable and spacious SUV in the city. Rent an Audi in Dubai.

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